Ice hockey: Hockey in France – Hockey in France – MEALS AND PERFORMANCES

Ice hockey: Hockey in France - Hockey in France - MEALS AND PERFORMANCES

Ice hockey – Hockey in France
Here is the 4th article dedicated this month to nutrition and more particularly the perfect plate to optimize your physical performance.
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Jean-Baptiste on 24/11/2022 11:00




A reminder before we start…. My name is Jean-Baptiste and I support adult and child athletes to improve their performance thanks to two essential pillars:

Nutrition and mental preparation

Eating healthy every day is beneficial for improving your physical and mental performance on the ice.
Controlled nutrition prevents chronic fatigue, muscle pain, injuries and contributes to better concentration, energy and management of emotions.
Apart from your physical activity, you avoid diseases of civilization (diabetes, overweight, cardiovascular diseases, etc.).

In this article, I propose to list the general principles of healthy eating. Then, I present you with a balanced plate according to your needs with essential foods that you must have in your cupboard. Finally, I prove to you that eating healthy is not a matter of time thanks to a quick and effective recipe.


You can find many advices, diets, ideas about food and sports. The main principles that I propose to you here are the result of my training and personal experiences and remain above all my point of view:

  • Listen to your body! All my individual accompaniments are based on the same principle. The athlete does not diet and imposes no constraints. It’s all about understanding the basics of nutrition and listening to yourself. Not being hungry one morning is not a disaster!
  • Eat variety! A colorful plate is a healthy plate. In other words, the athlete’s famous plate of pasta is not enough.
  • Consumes seasonal products and as local as possible. Eating tomatoes in winter is not nutritious. The seasons are present in order to provide nutrients, vitamins, minerals at the right time of the year. Foods out of season do not have all their usual intakes and are picked before maturation if they are imported.
  • Prioritize nutritional quality over quantity.
  • Eat a maximum of fibers (1st deficiency of the French). They promote satiety and regulate blood sugar. You find them in fruits, vegetables, cereal products.
  • Hydrate regularly. In my first article, I talk to you about hydration. At least 30 ml/kg of body weight throughout the day.

And above all, have fun! Yes, do not remove any food from your diet. The brain will be frustrated and you will quickly feel stress. Be aware that certain foods are to be limited. A pleasure meal from time to time is good for the mind.


First of all, the contributions are different according to certain criteria: sex, age, physical activity (sedentary or active).

Here are some general principles for building your balanced meal that gives you everything you need.

  1. Carbohydrates: they provide the energy you need and also the glycogen reserves for a longer effort. At each meal, carbohydrates represent at least 1/4 of your plate. Serving size may increase with effort, duration, intensity and frequency. (see drawing)
  2. Proteins: 1/4 of the plate in animal (egg, red meat, white meat) or vegetable (legume) form. Proteins have several functions, in this case building muscle.
  3. Vegetables / fruits: At least half of the plate or even more for a contribution of fibers, vitamins, minerals.

Think of a portion of lipid (olive oil for cooking, for example) as well as spices and herbs that are excellent for health.

If you eat yoghurt, bread or any other food, it naturally comes in the proportion of the plate.

A performance meal is a 7-item meal.

1/ water intake
2/ fruit
3/ dairy product
4/ OPV (protein: meat, fish, egg)
5/ starch
6/ fat
7/ vegetables


Here are some tips for having at home the essential foods for a balanced and varied diet.

HAS/ Starches

  • Basmati rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, bulgur, legumes (lentils, red beans, white beans, etc.), oatmeal, wholemeal flours (T80, 110, etc.)

B/ Proteins

  • Eggs, canned fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, etc.), white meat

VS/ Sweeteners

  • Honey, agave syrup, dried fruit instead of white sugar
D/ fat

  • Vegetable oils (olive, walnuts), oilseeds (walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios, etc.), seeds (squash, flax, etc.), oilseed puree (almond, peanut)
E/ Seasonal fruits and vegetables

F/ Dairy products

  • Plain yogurt, cottage cheese, skyr, vegetable milk

G/ Spices and herbs

  • Garlic, onions, shallots, parsley, thyme, curry, ginger…


I often hear during my nutrition follow-ups: “I don’t have time to eat well”
FAKE ! In a few minutes, you can prepare a simple and effective meal.

Here is a recipe for a meal or snack:


Ingredients :

  • For the dough (about 10 pancakes)

3 eggs, 50 g of melted butter, 70 cl of milk, 300 g of T110 flour, 2 cases of olive oil or walnuts

1 package of smoked trout, fresh spinach, salad, 2 carrots, 1 shallot, pistachios (unsalted), pumpkin seeds.

Preparation :

  • Place the flour in a bowl and form a well. Then mix all the ingredients (for the dough). Finish with the milk using a whisk. Heat a frying pan adding fat and prepare your pancakes. On a crepe, arrange the filling.

In conclusion, eating healthy in order to perform better on the ice but also in everyday life is not that difficult.

For more thaninformation or questions, cis over here:

I am Jean-Baptiste, passionate and practicing sports since my youngest age! Moreover, I played a few years in minor teams in Dijon to orient myself towards roller-hockey for 30 years already (competition: N3, N2). I am still very present around the rinks since my son is a goalkeeper and I accompany individual hockey players. I founded arboresanté.
I support athletes or sportswomen, amateurs or experienced, adults or children on two fundamental pillars which are nutrition and mental preparation.

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