what hygiene of life to maintain?


Thanks to advances in research, it is now possible to live with HIV through specific treatments. In other words, a person carrying the virus can now have a family, social and professional life. However, being infected with HIV requires regular medical supervision and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to prevent cardiovascular risks and metabolic disorders related to taking medication.

Have a balanced diet

A healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet. People with HIV must have a good protein intake to limit weight loss and the risk of metabolic disorders associated with triple therapies.

The more an HIV-positive person adopts a good diet, the more they will be able to optimize their immune defenses and fight against the virus. In addition, she will also be able to face the risks of weight loss and malnutrition due to the treatment, even if today it is much rarer to lose weight with the arrival of protease inhibitors (PI). Who says balanced diet, says that you have to monitor your energy expenditure in order to adapt your meals.

Be careful, if you take food supplements, St. John’s wort or grapefruit juice, it will be necessary to talk to your doctor because reactions may arise from the treatment.

Pay attention to the foods eaten

If it is important to eat well, it is also essential to respect some rules of food hygiene. People with HIV should therefore check:

• Use-by dates and storage temperatures.

• Do not leave foods that need to be kept cold and hot preparations at room temperature.

• Wash hands before meals.

• Carefully wash fruits and vegetables.

• Eat well-cooked meats, fish, seafood and eggs that are never raw.

• Avoid raw milk cheeses.

• To wash the dishes well.

• To disinfect the refrigerator every week.

• Never refreeze thawed products and avoid freezing homemade meals.

Play sports

Although you can live a normal life with HIV, it is not always easy to be a carrier. We can sometimes have fears, apprehensions, shame… To prevent these dark thoughts from invading your mind and weakening your immune system, it is advisable to play sports. Indeed, it allows to evacuate all the accumulated stress to maintain good physical and mental health. All sports are allowed within the limits of your abilities. To let go, and forget about the virus for a session, you can also do yoga, relaxation and meditation.

Have restful sleep

To be in good shape and maintain a good immune system, it is obviously crucial to sleep. It is therefore recommended to sleep eight hours a night and to take a short nap during the day as soon as you feel the need.

When we talk about restorative sleep, it will be necessary to proscribe tobacco, drugs, alcohol and any non-prescribed medication.


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