FEI: Third and last mandate of president for Ingmar De Vos

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The FEI President was re-elected for a third term at the General Assembly held on Sunday 13 November in Cape Town (RSA). The 59-year-old Belgian begins his last four-year term as president of the international federation.

The various national equestrian federations voted last Sunday at the FEI General Assembly which took place in Cape Town (RSA), and it is an overwhelming majority for Ingmar De Vos. The 59-year-old Belgian signs for a third term as FEI President. This new mandate will continue until 2026, without the possibility of re-election.

A news that delighted the president. ” Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of witnessing the power of unity at work in our community, and it is this togetherness that has carried us through difficult times. We moved forward together because we all put aside our differences for the greater benefit of our sport and our community. We came out of this stronger than ever and I know these foundations will serve us well in the future. “, commented Ingmar De Vos on his re-election. Before declaring: I am deeply honored to have your confidence to lead the FEI for a final term. “.

13th President of the FEI

His first election dates back to 2014, when he became the 13th President of the FEI, since its creation in 1921. He has been a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), since September 2017, also a member of the Council of the Association of International Olympic Summer Sports Federations (ASOIF), and a member of the Executive Committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Close ties which have enabled the federation to acquire a reputation on the Olympic scene, in particular on ” its initiatives in favor of sustainable development, the promotion of animal welfare, diversity, equality and gender integration, as well as the promotion of sport among young people “, Points out the FEI.

“Addressing current and future concerns”

On the occasion of the FEI Sports Forum 2022, Ingmar De Vos signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Grooms Association (IGA) to integrate Grooms, who are essential in this field, within the FEI.

He had announced it before this new election. The president wants to create an independent commission on “ Ethics and Welfare of Horses, responsible for developing a practical framework to address current and future concerns related to the use of horses in sport “.

A decision that is in line with the objectives ” sustainability and modernization of equestrian sport with well-being » that Ingmar De Vos set himself. ” If we are to remain relevant as a sport, we must have an organization well equipped to adapt to the challenges that come our way. It is through open and honest dialogue that we have been able to shape the future of equestrian sport together since 1921. I look forward to doing the same over the next four years. “, concludes the president.

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