A wellness break in your converted truck

A wellness break in your converted truck

Christelle Perridy, a spa and well-being technician, crisscrosses the north of Deux-Svres to offer massages in her converted vehicle.

A well-ordered life, mastered missions, a known environment. For nearly twenty years, Christelle Perridy, a resident of La Chapelle-Saint-Laurent, worked in a design office for the textile company C2S Courlay.

I know what
it is to be
under pressure

Suddenly, a desire for change appears. I wanted to work for myself. The Covid was a trigger but I already had this desire to do something else. And then, I wanted to take more advantage of my family because it grows quickly, smiled this mother of a little boy. Christelle Perridy then sets out to find an activity that suits her. Defining himself as empathetic and listening to people, one sector attracts it: that of well-being, and more specifically massage. Coming from an industrial background, I know what it’s like to be under pressure. I wanted to do good and relieve.
She began a four-month training course near Ancenis (Loire-Atlantique) and, in July 2021, the former employee was officially recognized as a spa and well-being technician, a training course certified by the state. Christelle Perridy is ready to launch her new business by offering well-being massages without any therapeutic virtues. I don’t heal. It’s just to do good.
His company Voyage bien-tre offers services from twenty minutes to an hour and a half, with massages of several types such as Amazonian, African, Swedish, Balinese… Prices range from 20€ (discovery offer, massage child) 95€.

A lounge vehicle

So far, nothing very original. But Christelle Perridy decided to offer this care by going on a mop in a truck fitted out for her activity. I wanted to go to people directly. With us, it’s difficult to get them to move and they’re not necessarily open to it. We dare not take care of ourselves.
The truck fitted out like a real massage parlor allows you to break down barriers. I didn’t want you to feel like you were in a vehicle when you entered it. Successful bet. A large canvas calling for relaxation covers the bottom of the truck. The sufficiently large workspace allows the technician to walk around the massage table easily. Air conditioning and heating maintain a constant temperature. Christelle Perridy can also adjust the brightness of her cabinet as she wishes. A number of relaxing music accompanies this moment and the vehicle is nothing more than a detail for customers from Boca, Gatin or Thouars. I radiate 40, even 45km around my home.
The self-entrepreneur has been working for individuals but also professionals since April 2022. I visited four companies interested in my services during Quality of Life at Work Week. An aspect that she would like to develop in the coming months. Christelle Perridy is also starting to work with campsites and lodges. His truck should therefore not go unnoticed for long in the north of Deux-Svres!

Contact: voyage-bien-etre.com; tel.


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