Which fruit is good for the heart? Avoid cardiovascular disease!

 Which fruit is good for the heart?  Avoid cardiovascular disease!

Prevent cardiovascular disease with diet

Taking care of your heart health goes through a impeccable lifestyle. It is important to play sports, avoid tobacco, alcohol and caffeine. Food plays a key role in the well-being of your body. To maintain good cardiovascular health, you must take care of your intake with fruits and vegetables.

You have to consume good fats like olive oil. If meat is not to be totally avoided, it is however advisable to limit your intake of animal fats. It is especially recommended to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Consume fruits rich in antioxidants

Consuming fresh, seasonal fruit with every meal allows the body to benefit from a wide range of nutrients. The fibers they contain help capture excess fat and lower your cholesterol. 200 g of fruit and 200 g of vegetables per day are sufficient.

Both fruits and vegetables provide a lot of antioxidant nutrients. Mention may be made of the polyphenols which reduce cardiovascular risk. They also contain phytosterols that can protect you against disease, while improving your metabolism.

What are the 5 heart-healthy fruits?

It’s proven: some fruits are better for the heart. Their acid and vitamin content makes them allies of your body.

1. The cranberry

According to a study by King’s College London, eating cranberries would help keep the heart healthy. The virtues of the cranberry berry have long been touted by researchers. Consuming it would promote the flexibility of the arteries. The cranberry reduces the beats in the carotid, because it contains flavonoids. Consume 3-4 glasses of cranberry juice daily would reduce the risk by 40% related to cardio disorders.

2. The lawyer

Eating avocado helps take care of your heart. Avocado contains phytosterols helping to regulate bad cholesterol. It also contains oleic and linoleic acids to control good cholesterol, as well as triglyceride levels. The risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 21% if you consume avocados twice a week or more.

3. Oilseeds or dried fruits

Also called vitamin E. Thus, they help to lower bad cholesterol and fight against blood clots.

an essential omega-3. These are good fats that promote cardiovascular health and reduce blood lipid level.

4. Passion fruit

The passion fruit (or maracuja in Brazil) is actually a tropical berry. It contains a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber, in the peel and the seeds. These latter allow decrease blood glucose levels and cholesterol. Maracuja has plenty of antioxidants, like cyanidin and lycopene, which are essential for heart health. Studies show that taking maracuja peel supplements may prevent high blood pressure. This is an important risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

5. Blackberry and raspberry

raspberry could also fight against the oxidation of cholesterol. Blackberry and raspberry finally reduce the plaque deposits in the arteries.

Final tips for a healthy diet for the arteries

In order to protect your arteries, favor vegetables and fruits. These are the best foods to stay healthy. In parallel, here are some habits to put in place.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet for your health

Try to follow a healthy diet. Eat lots of fiber is good for heart health. The Mediterranean diet is low in saturated fat, high in omega-3s and antioxidants. Thus, the Mediterranean regions are less affected by infarction, thanks to the abundance of fish, fruit, vegetables and olive oil. The European Society of Cardiology recommends this diet to the general population.

Preparing balanced and homemade meals

Homemade must also take precedence over processed products. You can find many recipes based on healthy products, quick and easy to prepare. Also, limit your consumption of drinks or foods that contain added sugars. Also reduce the amount of salt in your dishes. You should include lean and/or rich protein sources, such as plant proteins (nuts and legumes) in your meals.

Food is an essential factor for fight against cardiovascular disorders. Consuming berries, oilseeds, avocado or passion fruit would promote good heart health. Always prefer fresh and seasonal foods. You can also keep frozen fruit. Combine your diet with regular physical activity. You will drastically reduce cardiovascular risks!


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