some tips to relieve you!

some tips to relieve you!

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September 29, 2022

Stomach aches, cramps, spasms: menstrual disorders, or dysmenorrhea, can be relieved by taking analgesics and antispasmodics, but not only. There are a multitude of natural alternatives to soothe the symptoms of painful periods, provided that these are not disabling.

Period pain should not be trivialized or taken lightly. When they are chronic and turn out to be disabling, they even require a consultation to detect a potential gynecological disease. Taking medication is not necessarily necessary to relieve you. There are natural alternatives to improve your comfort during this phase of the menstrual cycle. Discover them.

Period pain: the use of essential oils

As we know, essential oils can relieve many everyday ailments. Whether ingested, applied to the skin, or diffused into the air, they have many benefits.

Period pain is no exception. There are many essential oils intended to soothe them, as the pharmacist Danièle Festy pointed out in her numerous works on aromatherapy. Clary sage essential oil is particularly recommended for menstrual disorders. This acts as a powerful antispasmodic. It is advisable to take it with a spoon of honey or to apply in massage in association with an oily preparation. Tarragon and exotic basil are also among the essential oils not to be overlooked in case of menstrual pain.

Consuming these foods will give you relief

As surprising as it may seem, certain foods, taken with meals – in the form of infusions or food supplements – can also relieve certain menstrual disorders. Studies have shown that foods rich in magnesium and omega 3 (eg fish or vegetables) are to be preferred throughout this period. But they are not the only ones. Ginger, parsley, verbena, peppermint or even raspberry leaves also help to calm the pain felt during menstruation.

The hot water bottle, the essential ally

The hot water bottle is the essential accessory in case of pain of low to medium intensity, whatever it may be, in particular relieving pain in the lower abdomen. More generally, it is the heat that will allow the relaxation of the muscles. Then, it will relieve the pain and cramps inherent in menstruation with an almost immediate effect.

Today, there are many hot water bottles including models containing flax seeds or cherry pits, which do the job perfectly. If you do not have a hot water bottle, you can also take a bath which will also give you the benefit of the analgesic properties of heat, without harming your health. Not to be done too often for environmental reasons.



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