what to eat to prevent it

what to eat to prevent it

Foods that vary from person to person can trigger migraines. Chocolate, smoked fish, cold meats and acidic fruits are often incriminated. However, the role of food in the occurrence of migraines has surely been exaggerated.
Indeed, even if migraine sufferers identify certain foods as being triggers, the cause and effect relationship is not always obvious. There may be other intervening elements such as stress or fatigue. The latest studies show that food is the cause of a migraine attack in less than 10% of cases.
Migraine experts recommend not eliminating foods from your plate just because you hear that they can trigger migraines.
New research shows that among the signs preceding seizures, there may be food cravings or the desire for a specific food, such as chocolate.

In short, it may not be foods that trigger migraines as has long been believed, but rather migraines that lead to eating certain foods.

Drinks to avoid

One thing has been well demonstrated, it is that being dehydrated promotes migraines and headaches. Dehydration sensitizes the meninges, the membranes that envelop the brain, and promotes the onset of seizures. It is therefore important to drink water regularly during the day.

As for alcoholic beverages, they promote all types of headaches, migraines and headaches. Some consumers buy sulfite-free wine to avoid headaches. There may be individual sensitivities. But often, we wrongly attribute his headaches to sulphites, preservatives, especially present in sweet and white wines. The No. 1 culprit in alcoholic beverages is alcohol because it has a vasodilating effect and it dehydrates. Moreover, it is advisable to drink water after a drunken evening.

Coffee has an ambivalent action. It has some effectiveness against headaches. The vasoconstrictor effect of caffeine may be beneficial. On the other hand, consumed in large quantities, – more than 4 or 5 cups per day -, or in people sensitive to caffeine, it can trigger or accentuate migraine attacks by its exciting and diuretic effect. So the best thing is to trust what you feel and adjust your coffee consumption according to your feelings.

The benefits of oily fish, rich in omega-3

A recent study showed that fish consumption can decrease the severity of migraines. More specifically, omega-3s, these essential fatty acids, present in oily fish, such as mackerel, sardines, trout, salmon… We know thatthey are anti-inflammatory. However, there is an inflammatory component in headaches.

Moreover, a diet, such as the Mediterranean diet favoring fish over meat, fresh products such as fruits and vegetables over fatty and sugary processed products seems rather beneficial.

Finally, food timing is also important. Skipping a meal can trigger migraines. It is therefore advisable to eat at regular times.

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