How do you break free from its grip?

comment éliminer le sucre de son alimentation

Reducing our intake of added sugar is an excellent choice for adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle. Clearly, its negative effects about our organization are very real. This is why it is important to consume less daily.

Added sugar, “hidden” on my plate

Added sugars are mixed into foods and drinks when they are prepared or processed. Note that it is not only sweet foods that contain it. Manufacturers add it, for example, to pasta sauces and condiments.

Eliminate it from your diet

There are several reasons why you should cut sugar (or at least limit it) from your daily diet. First, too much sugar leads to health problems. Moreover, if you are diabetic, you should in any case limit your daily carbohydrate intake. Obviously, we all know the impact of sweets on the health of our teeth as well as on a possible weight gain.

There are different types of sugar and you will need to know the differences. For instance, refined sugar, white sugar that you add to your coffee or your culinary preparations, is less good for your health than the so-called “natural” types of sugar such as honey, unrefined sugar or those made from fruit. The choice before you is whether you want to eradicate sugar from your diet or just remove refined sugar from your plates.

Tips for reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet

  • Learn to decipher packaging

In fact, we often think that certain foods are rather good for our health, until the day when we discover their real carbohydrate content. Indeed, even if the product contains only a small amount of fat, it may still contain a very high amount of sugar. This is why we strongly recommend that you read labels carefully food you buy. Take the time to decipher the packagingyour health will thank you.

  • Stop sprinkling your drinks, plates and other desserts

When you add a little sugar to everything you eat (coffee, fruit salads, juices, desserts, etc.) the scales soon sound the alarm. Learn to enjoy your coffee or tea without the need to add it. Try not to add it to your porridge or other breakfast cereals. Don’t put a sugar bowl on your dining table.

  • Reduce your amount of carbohydrates

There is no need to go on a strict diet. However, remember that when you ingest carbohydrates with meals, whether they are refined Where transformedthey will be automatically processed into sugar by your organization. In short, this means that all foods made from refined (or white) flour will somehow become your worst enemies when it comes to food. To remedy this, opt instead for “whole” foodswhole wheat, cereal breads, whole flour pasta … Choose foods rich in fiber and essential nutrients.

Have a varied diet

It is imperative to have a varied diet. Little by little, choosing colorful and seasonal foods, your way of eating will allow you to limit your sugar consumption. Choose foods from all food groups. Eat more raw foods, fruits and vegetables and less processed foods.

Even though natural sugars, like honey or molasses, are supposed to be much healthier than refined sugar, your body can’t tell the difference. Learn to control your total sugar intake. Also remember to control any sweetener intake.


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