Chamatex, GPA26, Le Moulin and Netri rewarded for their commitment and their results

Gilles Réguillon, dirigeant de Chamatex.

Posted Sep 27, 2022, 5:30 AM

#1 Prize of the Favorite: Chamatex, French nugget of technical textiles

The textile industry still has some pretty nuggets in France. As proof, this SME in strong growth of 280 employees, bought in 2011 by Gilles Réguillon. Based in Ardoix, Chamatex specializes in the manufacture of technical fabrics, with all-round applications such as industry (Michelin), health, personal protection, sport (Millet), luxury (Longchamp, Louis Vuitton) etc. .

In ten years, Gilles Réguillon has multiplied the turnover (33.5 million euros) by five, 50% of which is generated by export, accentuated R&D, and one thing leading to another, bought another textile company and created a production site in Tunisia. He made his debut at Calor, then at SEB. Sporty, he even holds a mountain bike frame and suspension patent.

#2 Family Business Award: GPA26 collects and recycles auto parts

We knew the concept of the automotive assembly line. In Livron-sur-Drôme, GPA26 introduces you to the automotive dismantling line. Very far from the cliché of the oily car scrapyard, GPA26, created by the grandparents of Johan Renaud, restores all its letters of nobility to the second-hand car part. On this site with industrial dimensions and operating rules, 70 vehicles are dismantled and 1,000 parts shipped per day. After his studies, Johan Renaud turned to boat recycling. He eventually joined the company.

His whole family works there, as does his sister Evelyne Barberot, the general manager. GPA26, which achieved a turnover of 47 million euros in 2021, has collectively focused on the well-being of employees, who benefit from a nap room, a basketball court and pétanque, adjustable desks, etc. In October 2021, GPA26 was awarded the bronze medal for Occupational Safety by the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety). With 180 employees, the company has no trouble recruiting.

#3 Prize for Social Commitment: Le Moulin combines fresh food and ecology

A quick glance at the website of this fast food brand makes you want to order a sandwich there… Sixteen years ago, when he was a theater student and worked in an inn, Tom Thiellet created Le Moulin , with the aim of combining the sale of fresh and healthy food with ecology, social and environmental issues. He was then joined by Mathilde Arrault.

The ingredients used come from less than 100 kilometers away, recruitment is inclusive and only on permanent contracts (including delivery people) with a profit-sharing bonus, unsold items are redistributed to poor people. On its two points of sale, or in delivery on 40 points of withdrawals in Lyon, the company delivers 8,000 meals per week. Next objective: to join an urban farm, and create a deposit and container cleaning activity, for zero waste catering.

Thibault Honegger and Florian Larramendy, the founders of Netri.DR

#3 Start-up Coup de Coeur Prize: Netri creates biological avatars

After taking cells from him, reproducing a person’s organ on a digital chip. This is what Netri, a company founded by two minds, does. Thibault Honegger and Florian Larramendy both have ten years of study and research in France and abroad in the field of biotechnology and microelectronic systems.

Their chips, real biological avatars, make it possible to predict the effectiveness of a treatment on a patient from whom cells have been taken, or to drastically reduce the test times necessary for the launch of a new drug. A process that opens the way to more personalized medicine and will make it easier to study rare genetic diseases. Carrier of a strategic technology for France, Netri is supported by the Ministry of the Interior.

* The Entrepreneur of the Year award is organized by EY, in partnership with HSBC, Verlingue, Steelcase and Bpifrance.


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