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In its edition of September 21, LSA, a professional magazine dedicated to the consumer sector, titled in big and bold: “Sephora attacks the parapharmacy market”.

A “revelation” immediately taken up by the monthly Capital on its website under the title “Sephora launches into parapharmacy”.

According to these articles, the perfumery brand has been testing a “parapharmacy corner” in one of its Parisian stores since last spring and offers some of these parapharmacy products on its website.

“Associating the word “perfumery” with that of “parapharmacy” is a dangerous shortcut if not a deception. A pharmacy offering parapharmacy is an increase in the offer made to patients. The designation of a parapharmacy product can only be conceived within the framework of a pharmacy, in the other spaces it is cosmetic products or toiletry accessories” declares Jean Meyer pharmacist member of the Pharmazon association.

And he’s right, just look at the definition of the Petit Robert on the word “parapharmacy”: All products without therapeutic use that we can find in pharmacies.

Pharmazon warns of a dangerous drift !

The pharmacist has never been so central to our health. Perfectly identified by the French, it provides vital services and missions. Without it, almost permanent access to quality care would no longer be guaranteed: night care 7 days a week, weekends and public holidays included, advice, vaccination, screening, listening, help and encouragement for compliance, but also collection expired medicines, old x-rays, or even hazardous waste (dasri) for disposal… Nothing to do with perfumery. Products sold in pharmacies are not ordinary consumer products.

If, in addition to prescription drugs, pharmacists now offer parapharmacy products to their customers, it is to broaden the range of their paramedical services at a time when the French are faced with an accumulation of desertification: that of doctors , nurses, sometimes hospitals or clinics… They do so by putting their medical skills at the service of the safety of the greatest number and by guaranteeing the sanitary quality of the products offered for sale.

Today, many common everyday ailments such as gynecological infections, superinfections, small otitis, sunburn, etc. are taken care of by pharmacies, which are competent to deliver medicines without a prescription. An essential role. Do we want tomorrow that the confusion of words leads to our health being taken care of by perfumeries, supermarkets?..

Promote the confusion of genres and – ultimately – of missions, as Sephora does by associating perfumery at parapharmacy is a threat to the profession of pharmacist at the same time as the health security of the French.

Do we want to promote the shortage of pharmacies when 3,000 have already disappeared from our towns and villages in six years? Do we want to encourage their disappearance at a time when we so need the competence and the presence of the 21,900 pharmacies on the territory to screen for Covid, vaccinate..?

Pharmacies today are in danger. Mainly due to lack of staff. Nearly 17,000 positions are vacant in pharmacies, for lack of graduates and candidates.

Audrey Lecoq, founder of Pharmazon, confides:

Today there are 1000 unfilled places in pharmacy faculties. This profession, so necessary, should however be a vocation. I am not a pharmacist by training, but I am a patient, and if there is one certainty that we can all have, when a health concern arises in our lives, the pharmacist is always there, including at night, the weekend. This should not be considered normal, on the contrary it should be appreciated and preserved. By dint of manhandling them, tearing parts of their profession away from them…we should not be surprised at what we are going to create… We are in the process of destroying the magnificent French health system which is nevertheless so envied! !! »


Pharmazon, a company created in Orléans (Loiret) in 2015, negotiates, buys and stores on behalf of pharmacies more than 15,000 references – i.e. just over 250 suppliers – of non-reimbursable medicines, parapharmacy products, hygiene and beauty, food supplements , medical devices and veterinary products. Pharmazon was created by Audrey Lecoq with a simple idea that has revolutionized the distribution circuit of pharmacies: manage supplies to pharmacies via a website reserved for its pharmacist members. The entry into its capital in 2019 of Cegedim, a major player in the field of health, allows Pharmazon to continue its growth by supporting its members in the development of online sales by opening its platform to the general public via the pharmazon site. .Fr. Finally, to improve the purchasing power of the French and their access to healthcare, Pharmazon is in the process of making agreements with the social and economic committees (ex-WC) of companies.


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