McHale advances baler-wrapper – FARM Connexion

McHale advances baler-wrapper – FARM Connexion

Irish McHale’s combined baler-wrapper evolves for next season with a fourth generation Fusion 4 available in standard, Pro and Plus versions with film bonding technology.

For this new generation of Fusion 4, McHale wanted to improve comfort and driving ergonomics, by offering a number of new features, notably with the Isobus on the Pro and Plus models, but also by reinforcing certain elements in order to improve the flow and the life of the components.


  • the new pickup Profi-Flo was designed to increase machine feed. Customers can choose between a 5-tooth cam-operated pickup or an optional 6-tooth camless pickup with increased width.
  • The new tapered feed channel encourages crop to flow from the pick-up, through the rotor and into the bale chamber, maximizing throughput and bale consistency. To reduce maintenance, all Profi-Flo pick-ups are equipped with a reinforced transmission which reduces load peaks and increases chain life.
  • In order to adapt to the crop volume and more or less regular windrows, the channel height varies in height in a way automatique. It is not only a question of guaranteeing perfect regularity of the bales, but also of ensuring a stable output while limiting the risk of jams.
  • All Fusion 4s come standard with a 540 rpm gearbox. In order to optimize the performance of the machine, a 1,000 rpm gearbox is available as an option which will allow reduce heavy loads on the driveline, giving the clutch adjustment an additional 10% capacity, which reduces the risk of binding and provides more flow. This box offers the possibility of selecting 540 rpm (if available) on the tractor to facilitate restarts in the event of a blockage. Finally, this speed results in fuel economy due to the lower engine speed of the tractor by running the machine at the recommended PTO speed of 890 rpm when using the 1000 rpm gearbox.
  • the lubrication system has been optimized by a double grease and oil pump.
  • On the Fusion 4 Plus version, a larger threadlocker/film has been installed and easily achieves 25% more stretch. This is especially effective when working in cold weather with NRF film which requires a higher stretch percentage.
  • A control keyboard is installed at the rear of the Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus to allow the operator to control wrapping, starting and pausing the wrapper, lighting, up/down rear wrap rollers, cutting of the film and maintenance. Two additional buttons allow the user to choose other functions.
  • A new panel lighting has been added to the McHale Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus to assist operators when changing film rolls when it is dark. This Led lighting is installed under the side panels of the machines and can be switched on/off from the control console or from the rear keyboard of the machine.
  • According to the machine specifications, there are a number ofoptions additional available, including selectable knives, film/net loading device, weighing system and bale moisture sensor.
  • All McHale Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus machines are ISOBUS compatible as standard. McHale ISOBUS machines can be plugged into any ISOBUS tractor connection and operated via the tractor’s own terminal in the cab. If the customer wishes to operate an ISOBUS controlled machine with a tractor that is not ISOBUS compatible, they can do so via the McHale ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 display which are available as an option. An additional tractor wiring harness is required to do this.

2022/09/37,38,39,40 – KRONE


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