Boost immune defenses? With essential oils, of course!

 Boost immune defenses?  With essential oils, of course!

When our energy reserve is as low as the temperatures, we have to react. To help the immune defenses to recover naturally, essential oils are allies of choice.

Cold snap, dry skin, morale as dark as the sky… This time, it’s for sure: winter is coming, and the immune defenses had better be ready. Indeed, they are what act to protect the body from external aggressions. To put it simply, if a virus or microbe shows up in the body, white blood cells pick it up and sound the alarm, then immune cells take over to eliminate it, causing symptoms such as fever and rashes. . At the same time, other cells present a fragment of the virus to T and B lymphocytes (the antigen) which produce antibodies to recognize it and better fight it the next time. Well-oiled mechanics.

Prevention is better than cure: we start aromatherapy

Unbalanced diet, fatigue, lack of sleep or light, stress and change of season… when the immune system is not in top form, viruses take advantage of it. Fortunately, natural solutions exist to boost tired organisms.

Recognized for their benefits, the properties of plants have always been used to naturally combat everyday ailments. This is particularly the case in aromatherapy, a branch of phytotherapy whose principle is to collect the active principles of the plant, in liquid form most of the time, extracted from the roots, leaves, stems, but also flowers and of some trees. These aromatic essences can also come from the zest of the fruit. A real 100% pure and natural concentrate of the plant, they contain what is called its quintessence, an essential oil Used to relieve everyday ailments, support metabolism and boost well-being in general, essential oils are allies of choice. An ideal natural solution to help fight the fatigue that weakens us in the face of winter viruses.

An effective solution drawn from the heart of plants

Obtained by distilling plants using water vapor or by cold expression of the zest for citrus fruits, essential oils are thus full of the precious active ingredients of the plant from which they come, and have various properties. Each of them has its own chemotype, a very singular identity attributing specific virtues to it, a true passport of the plant.

To allow all those who wish to benefit from their benefits to discover turnkey aromatherapy, INELDEA Laboratories, experts in aromatherapy, have developed Olioseptil® Natural Defense Capsules, a complex of 6 100% pure, natural and chemotyped essential oils particularly interesting to approach the winter serenely. It includes energizing Ravintsara to stimulate the nervous system, Juniper to help the body in difficult conditions, Lemon to fight against fatigue, Tea tree and Niaouli to help maintain the immune system, and finally Thyme for the ENT sphere.

Everything is contained in vegetable capsules with patented L-Vcaps® technology, for rapid and optimal assimilation. Something to support your body and enjoy winter with peace of mind! So instead of catching anything lying around… Olioseptil®!



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