“Golden September”: in Limoges, around 150 children and adolescents are followed for cancer

« Septembre en or » : à Limoges, environ 150 enfants et adolescents sont suivis pour un cancer 

On September 21, the pediatric hematology-oncology department of the mother and child hospital (HME) in Limoges offered an event on the occasion of “September en or”.

Born in 2012 in the United States under the name “Gold in September”, this international movement arrived in France in 2016. It is available at the Limoges University Hospital, in the care establishment located on avenue Dominique-Larrey.

Here, we feel supported. The staff is attentive, close to children. The atmosphere is family. Maurice is the father of Lucas, 7, who was diagnosed with cancer in July 2022.

For almost three months, this resident of Châteauponsac has discovered the universe of the pediatric oncology unit of the MCH. Despite him.

An environment centered on well-being

“It’s a service that we don’t want to know about, but the people there are human and brilliant”recognizes for her part Émilie Cubertafon, the mother of Loïc, 5 years old, followed since June 2021 for a tumor on the bone of the rock.

In the small five bedroom uniteverything is done to make hospitalized children and teenagers feel as good as possible.

“We have created an environment that is not centered on the disease, but on the well-being of each patient”, explains Frédérique Teynié, the health manager of this service which has twelve nurses and nine childcare assistants.

A “negotiated” care time

Workshops and games punctuate daily life with various interventions, where music therapist, magician, occupational therapist, sports educators take turns, and even a socio-esthetician twice a month…

Two teachers also ensure the continuation of schooling. “We negotiate the time of care, except in emergencies, to stall it at times of the day when it least disturbs the rhythm of the child and his activities”, continues Frédérique Teynié.Receive the free newsletter every Thursday “

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we make sure that his stay is the least traumatic possible, and that despite the heaviness of the pathology, each hospitalization is not synonymous with difficulty”, indicates Thomas Lauvray, head of clinic in pediatric oncology, one of the two doctors at the bedside of young patients, with doctor Christophe Piguet.

“We play with them, we participate in activities so as not to be in a 100% care relationship. »

Between 20 and 25 new cases per year

More than 150 children are followed by the service. “We make between 20 and 25 new diagnoses a year,” continues Dr. Lauvray. Acute leukemia remains the most common cancer, followed by brain tumors and lymphomas. “Rare diseases”, recalls the doctor:2,500 new cases of cancer are detected in France each year among minors (compared to 380,000 among adults)

. But the survival rate is higher: more than 80%, when that of adults, all cancers combined, is 50%.

Émilie and her son Loïc, treated since June 2021

However, the announcement of cancer is always a difficult moment. “A blow of a club”, recalls Emilie Cubertafon, who still finds it difficult to speak about it without emotion. “But once you’re in it, you have no choice, it’s a fight. » A fight carried out in a hospitable environment which therefore cultivates a “cocooning” spirit.“People have a lot of preconceptions, but it’s a service full of life where we laugh a lot…”

specifies the health framework, which does not elude the dramas and the end of life which take place there.

A longer time to access innovation The struggle takes precedence over it.Despite progress in research, the need to allocate additional means is a priority

especially as the time taken to access quality drug innovation remains longer in France than in other European countries.

To raise awareness and advance the cause of pediatric cancers, that Wednesday, at the Mother and Child Hospital, Maurice cycled for his son and for the other patients, under the admiring gaze of Lucas.

These activities are financed by various associations such as Trait d’Union, les Blouses roses, les Petits Princes, la Chouette, among others.

At 8 years old, little Lilian cut her long hair to offer it to cancer victims


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