A new LGBT+ bar will open before the end of the year in Lille

A new LGBT+ bar will open before the end of the year in Lille

Its small name will be Silom in direct reference to the gay district of Bangkok. A place well known to Thierry and Vincent, the couple who opened this new LGBT+ bar at the end of 2022 in Lille. It will be rue Nationale, a stone’s throw from Solfé-Massena and Place de Strasbourg and it will be good to meet people there but also to party once the weekend comes.

In recent years in Lille, unfortunately more closings of LGBT+ bars have been announced than openings. So we do not taste our pleasure to announce the arrival of a new kid who could open at the beginning of December. It will be called Silom, from the name of the gay district of Bangkok where Thierry and Vincent, the two managers, often hung out during their holidays. The gay community will not be the only ones targeted since the couple intends to be a place “LGBT+ and open-minded“.

Before telling you more about the place itself, let’s go back a bit to Thierry and Vincent. These two thirty-somethings have been in a relationship for 15 years and it’s been as many years since they arrived in Lille. They originally had nothing to do with the world of nightlife or parties since the first works in finance while the other is a marble worker by profession. “But we like to go out and we like to go to these LGBT places in Lillethey explain. We are part of this community and over the years we have seen the closures and therefore the choice being restricted.” It is true that the bars LGBT friendly can be counted on the fingers of one hand today in Lille.

Afterwork and DJ sets

Opening a bar in their image, the two boys have been talking about it for a while in fact. It took the confinement and the possibility for Thierry to leave his job well for the two to embark on the adventure. “We are finally complementary with our respective experiences“, adds Thierry. “I spend and he calculates”, jokes Vincent in stride. The manual talents of the latter will indeed not be too much to pimp the premises they have dug up at 138 rue Nationale.

It was a former 105m² shisha bar that we are going to completely transform, located just behind Solfé-Masséna. An ideal location for us: it is both in an already festive place but a little out of the way“, explains Thierry. They signed the lease this week and will immediately break everything inside to start a few months of work. On the other hand, no Bangkok decoration at Silom, “who can quickly fall into kitsch“. The couple prefers to bet on a marble, wood and brass effect alliance to give a character “class” in place.

They hope to inaugurate the place at the beginning of December, at the earliest. During the week, it will be open in afterwork mode with aperitif boards if necessary. There will be around sixty places to sit and another twenty outside, on the terrace. At the counter, you will find soft drinks (of course), five draft beers, wines but also gins, arranged rums and other products unearthed by the managers. And the weekend ? The Silom will go into party mode with DJ sets and guest parties.

The best way to be kept up to date with the place’s festive news is to follow its brand new Insta account.

Le Silom opens at the end of 2022 at 138 rue Nationale in Lille.


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