how Delphine Cochet learned to let go, Self-efficacy

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Passionate, enthusiastic, Delphine Cochet, 37, has always been fully committed to his entrepreneurial project. This mother of two created in 2018 My Good Fairya company that originally planned to support parents after returning from maternity, by providing them with a network of night nurses.

Shortly before the pandemic, at the beginning of 2020, the solution evolved into a BtoB model to meet a demand from companies, that of employee well-being. “We managed to make money but we had the ambition to go further”, explains Delphine Cochet, partner with Luca Stevenson and Vinh Giang Vovan. Entrepreneurs want to develop the solution around the support of employees in moments of fragility: parenthood, caregivers, illness, disability, bereavement, professional stress, financial difficulties… By offering the services of care managers, coaches but also additional logistical services: places in crèches, childcare, tutoring, etc.

An evolution of the model that required a lot of energy. “We had decided to reach out to HR managers from different groups and companies in March. Overnight, with the first confinement, everything we wanted to deploy ended up at a standstill, ”says the manager of the company of 10 employees, which intends to pass the milestone of one million euros in turnover by the end of the year. Then begins a race against time to save the company and publicize its new services. Delphine Cochet deploys a communication plan on social networks before the summer of 2020, rethinks the commercial strategy, draws up offers for companies, asks her bank for financial aid and launches a crowdfunding campaign to finance childcare. for nursing staff.

Chronic fatigue

The entrepreneur is ready at this precise moment to sacrifice a lot for her business… to the point of going into a tailspin at some point. “During confinement, I got up at 6 a.m. My morale was not bad because I was doing lots of exciting things, but the day never stopped. I managed, in two-hour increments, the children with my husband, who was in the middle of an audit, ”says this mother of two children then aged 2 and 3 years old. In the evening, she works until midnight, even two o’clock in the morning.

At the end of June, Delphine Cochet is exhausted. A fatigue that sleep no longer repairs. Many physical symptoms appear, starting with enormous stomach aches. In July 2020, at the start of the school holidays, when she had to pack her children’s bags to take them to her parents’ house in Charente-Maritime, she collapsed. Anxiety attacks paralyze her and prevent her from breathing. “When I went to see the doctor, very quickly she asked me how I was feeling. This period of too intense stress, which delivers a lot of cortisol without ever stopping, had an impact on my body”, explains Delphine Cochet, who for a year then experienced “the classic course” of anxiolytics and antidepressants. . “If I had been alone, the business would have collapsed. I even applied for a job after confinement, ”adds the manager.

slow life

This experience changed her radically. After this burnout, the manager reconsidered her relationship to work and learned to deal with herself. “The fundraising, which started in the summer of 2021, almost made me lose my footing again. It’s a very difficult exercise: you have a series of meetings, you are constantly challenged. You end up confusing what you said to whom, ”says the leader. Delphine Cochet relies on her partners by inviting them to important meetings, learns to let go, to feel guilty and regain self-confidence.

“The gratitude journal has really helped me. Every evening, I wrote something nice, which I had done well, ”advises the leader. Returning fully to business a year after her burnout, Delphine transforms her daily life by introducing a bit of slow life. She completely drops out on weekends, follows coaching sessions, takes a few breaks during the day, takes yoga, meditation or sophrology classes every week. “We have since integrated sophrology and coaching sessions on our application, stress and emotion management workshops for employees,” explains the 30-year-old.

Delphine Cochet has also redesigned the daily family organization with her husband. “We decided to allocate a budget to a nanny, who manages school outings and help with cleaning at home. A choice that has become essential when you have relatively young children,” concedes the entrepreneur.

Delphine Cochet also advises all bosses in difficulty to open up to their relatives and colleagues, as she was able to do with the Willa network, dedicated to supporting women. “Even if it’s not easy, you shouldn’t hide your difficulties. We have to talk about it and lift the taboos,” confides Delphine Cochet. A change lived in full consciousness which allowed him a real rebirth.


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