CO2 sensors in schools: the Government extends the exceptional aid granted to local authorities until December 31, 2022


Friday, September 23, 2022

At the start of the school year, the Government has decided to extend the exceptional aid until December 31, 2022, in order to help local authorities to better equip schools and public education establishments with CO2 sensors. .

On the recommendations of the High Council for Public Health in its opinion of April 28, 2021, the Government has decided to massively support local authorities for the acquisition and deployment of CO2 sensors. Since February 4, 2022, the financial support implemented by the Ministry of National Education and Youth has been simplified and enhanced: each local authority now has a grant of €8 per pupil enrolled in education. public for the acquisition of this equipment.

For example, a school with 200 pupils can claim a maximum grant of €1,600. This amount makes it possible to secure the acquisition of a sufficient number of sensors to organize the monitoring of air quality in the different areas of the school.

The supply of fresh outside air thus makes it possible to reduce the concentrations of carbon dioxide, a gas emitted by human respiration, which is an indicator of the rate of renewal of the air in occupied premises. The measurement of the CO2 concentration using sensors deployed in schools and educational establishments makes it possible to ensure that the air renewal is sufficient there.

Good air quality in schools helps to reduce the risk of infection and in particular to fight against the transmission of Covid-19. It also has effects on the ability to concentrate, the learning conditions and the well-being of children.

This exceptional aid has already made it possible to finance the deployment of nearly 120,000 sensors in schools during the 2021-2022 school year. Thanks to the extension of this aid, the Ministry of National Education and Youth continues to support local authorities in installing CO2 sensors in as many schools, colleges and high schools as possible.

Pap NDIAYE, Minister of National Education and Youth

It is important to work collectively to improve the air quality of our schools, and CO2 sensors – easy to use and effective – are an essential tool in our health response. By extending this exceptional aid, the Government is reaffirming its commitment to protecting the health of students and their teachers. Because we must remain vigilant together, I know that I can count on the responsibility of local authorities to accelerate the deployment of CO2 sensors in establishments, throughout the territory.

François BRAUN, Minister of Health and Prevention

During the health crisis, the State has always responded present alongside local authorities. With the extension of this exceptional assistance, we are continuing our support to ensure an optimal environment for all students throughout our territory. I am delighted with this initiative developed in concert with local elected officials!

Caroline Cayeux


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