The opposition in the opposition is the one that conspires against the collective well-being of the Haitian people

The opposition in the opposition is the one that conspires against the collective well-being of the Haitian people

Since after February 7, 1986, there had always been two kinds of opposition in the country. The one who fights for a change in the living conditions of the Haitian man. And the one who, while conspiring against the people, maintains the status quo in power. And it is the latter, as an opposition always in opposition to itself that this text is interested in. A question of unmasking the masquerades, king and queen of the political carnival on the Champs de Mars.

The eagerness of this section of the opposition to sign the agreement which puts the people’s battle at odds had, to a certain extent, defused the mobilization of the people and at the same time made it easier for these troublemakers in their macabre games, to find ministerial posts or of general management in a puppet government.

Which explains why, even when they sometimes united against the local and international status quo to protest against certain human rights violations, it was only temporarily. Since all it takes is a political post in the team they were criticizing to find them at loggerheads in prime time radio stations in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince.

This behavior is reminiscent of the tactic of doublespeak as in the 1980s era. Officially, with revolutionary talk of change, but in a very demagogic or folkloric way, these intruders, in many cases, but especially unofficially, they court politicians and big businessmen.

In always coded positions, borrowed from marooning, these gentlemen of the opposition always advocate the seizure of power by electoral legality in a context where elections are not possible.

To do this, in many cases, they undertake very compromising compromises with ambassadors of the countries, so-called friends, of the international community, which they used to denounce.

It is these gentlemen from the other branch of the opposition who, in a form of lobbying in demonstrations and in radio stations, to gain access to political office or to have privileges, prostitute themselves with the actors of evil.

It should also be noted, apart from these annoying people, there are other people who have just joined the group of conspiratorial opponents. Yesterday they were in power ap “koupe ak rache”. Today, still to the misfortune of the country, they find themselves in the opposition.

But have no illusions. For now, be it the old and new conspirators, they agreed or divided on agreements which, in many cases, disagree with popular mobilization. But sooner or later, they will find themselves on the same negotiating table in conjunctural agreements in elections manipulated by givers of lessons in democracy. Since they have one goal, to conspire against the collective welfare of the Haitian people.

With this opposition still conspiring against the other healthy branch of the opposition, the country is in deep shit. And it is this opposition, always in opposition to itself and which in many cases has no fixed position in the struggle of the Haitian people, perpetuates the current system.

As a result, the country is plunged into a serious political and economic crisis. If it is true that this also affects even the moral authorities of the credible institutions of the country. To this effect, there is a crisis of confidence in the popular struggle for change. In a word, the country has a problem of a leader capable of galvanizing the demonstration movements of the popular masses throughout the country to a great upheaval.

Prof. Esau Jean-Baptiste


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