This special flat stomach diet food is perfect for replenishing energy

This special flat stomach diet food is perfect for replenishing energy

What is the dietary food that helps to lose weight and gives us a lot of energy? Our grandmothers already recommended it: these are lentils. Nutritionists have a long history of extolling the merits of legumes (somewhat set aside) for their contribution to essential vegetable protein. Today, therefore, we focus on lentils and their many benefits, which make them a perfect dietary food to consume when you want to lose weight.

Lentils are low in calories (and filling)

Obviously, if they are accompanied by frankfurter or bacon, they will make you fat. But lentils alone are calorie-free. In fact, the nutritionist Andrea Vazquez Remuinan from home Marta Masi claims that lentils are suitable for all types of diets. According to the expert, they are particularly suitable for weight loss diets because they are very satiating. They must then be accompanied by vegetables, preferably rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes or peppers, because they increase the absorption of the iron they contain. In addition, they are very rich in vegetable proteins, which makes them an excellent food for people who exercise to facilitate muscle repair.

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They help prevent bloating

Pulses are sometimes said to cause inflammation, but the expert from Marta Masi confirms that they can on the contrary help to reduce them: their high fiber content minimizes abdominal bloating and prevents constipation. However, she says that if you have irritable bowel syndrome, you need to be more careful because “the components of lentils can ferment to excess and cause more symptoms in these people.”

They provide energy

According to Dr. Alfonso Galanof Neolife, lentils contain taurine, an amino acid that improves tone, muscle strength, and helps fight the feeling of fatigue while providing energy. In addition, their high iron content helps keep batteries charged and regulate blood sugar (avoiding sweet cravings). It is also a highly recommended food during menstruation.

They are great for the hair

Lentils are also recommended for hair health. This is confirmed by Dr. Antonio Abadwhich explains that their high content of minerals, such as iron and zinc, facilitate the development of the body and the growth of hair by helping to maintain in good condition the sebaceous glands which surround the hair follicles.

Some ideas for cooking them…

In addition to recommending stewing lentils, preferably with vegetables to avoid too high a calorie intake, the nutritionist lists some simple ideas for introducing lentils into a diet:

  1. In salads. “You can use canned lentils sold already cooked at the supermarket,” she says.
  2. In their version in the form of red lentil paste. “These red pastas are generally more digestible than traditional lentils,” she acknowledges.
  3. Lentil curry: it can be made with red lentils, tomatoes, coconut milk and other vegetables.



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