Pepette raises six million euros to better feed animals

Pepette raises six million euros to better feed animals

A third of dogs and cats are overweight, while kibble, even “premium”, has high carbohydrate levels and sometimes contains toxic components. This observation and a television report on the manufacture of such products led Marine Thersiquel to found the startup Pepette in 2019: “ I was interested in the issue of health and animal nutrition. I spent a month in the United States to meet the forces involved and the alternatives proposed“, says the founder, now 34 years old. Noting that pet owners in France and Europe are increasingly concerned about the well-being of their companion(s), she surrounds herself with a scientific committee and organizes, in 2019, a fund of 150,000 euros from those around him to give life to his business and offer fresh food for animals.

Investor confidence

The project is gaining momentum and in March 2020, Marine Thersiquel organizes a first round table, in full confinement. She collected 1.2 million euros from a collective of business angel with a strong expertise in food and tech. In March 2022, Pepette launches a new fundraiser. The investment group Ambrosia, specialist in foodtech, the regional fund Loire Valley Invest for Go Capital as well as several business angel like Augustin Paluel-Marmont, co-founder of Michel & Augustin or Patrick Asdaghi, co-founder and CEO of FoodChéri, affirm their confidence in this alternative animal feed.

This lifting will allow us to structure the team with marketing profiles, technological skills, developers but also a veterinarian to reach twenty employees by the beginning of October. We will also expand our scientific committee“. At the same time, Marine Thersiquel and her team are preparing to launch a range of food supplements in the form of gourmet snacks integrating the issue of animal health. In the bowl, the food is meant to be suitable for human consumption. “We do a job in the industry. Ugly or damaged vegetables are part of our preparations, while certain cuts of meat that are little processed for humans are suitable for our menus”.

Reindustrialize the territory

We are working on a connected health program with a microbiota test to carry out an animal health analysis and extract a personalized program and monitor the animal over time.“, specifies the leader who does not lack a project. At the same time, within 24 months, Marine Thersiquel hopes to launch its own production site in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region with the ambition of controlling its value chain. ” We want to create jobs on our scale and reindustrialize our territory“, enthuses the head of the company.

With this plant, she plans to meet more than 100,000 subscribers while Pepette now has 3,000. Currently focused on B to C, the startup is working to develop its B to B relationships by offering its expertise to veterinarians. Pepette could also pass the door of the large distribution if it finds there the pedagogy and the dedicated corners which it needs.


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