Isle-en-Dodon. It was the very first Wellness Festival

 Isle-en-Dodon.  It was the very first Wellness Festival

The 1st well-being festival was held on Saturday September 17 from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. on this beautiful square in L’Isle en Dodon where 80 exhibitors had come to set up, all practitioners, well-being professionals, local artists and local producers. This festival is on the initiative of the multidisciplinary firm “Le soi care” of L’Isle en Dodon with the support of the Lefil association and the town hall. Lots of people in the morning to visit and take advice from knowledgeable people on wellness. at noon, the inauguration of the event took place, the ribbon was cut by Anna surrounded by Lionel Welter mayor, Joël Aviragnet deputy, Loïc Gojard departmental councilor, Alain Fréchou 1st. vice-president of the community of communes Cœur et Coteaux du Comminges, the municipal councilors of l’islois, mayors of the territory and representatives of the multidisciplinary cabinet “Self care”. Mayor Lionel Welter welcomed the idea of ​​this festival when the team from the multidisciplinary firm, headed by Anna, came to present to him: “Some may find the original idea of ​​dedicating an entire day to well-being, relaxation, to zenitude to use a contemporary term. I think that in the world we live in, where stress has become omnipresent, where conflicts, aggression, malevolence are now part of our daily lives, we need more than to recharge our batteries, to refocus on ourselves and on fundamental values.This festival was therefore organized with the support of the municipality, but with the Lefil association and I must thank Chrystelle Gauthier who was particularly involved. Thank you to the community of municipalities for the free provision of the marquee and various materials. Thank you also to Intermarché who participated in the reception. Thank you to Anna, Marion, Pascale and the whole team of the cabinet “The care of self” who are at the initiative of this day… This new event is proof that our beautiful village can have great ambitions for the future if we combine kindness, good will and if we all roll up our sleeves together. It’s Heritage Days, go visit our rich heritage, volunteers like to present it. I wish you all to have a great day, to discover activities, new practices, to meet new people or simply to relax since that is what this day is dedicated to.”


Anna Saens, osteopath, who had the idea of ​​setting up this practice, thanks all those who have helped her to create this festival, in particular Marion, magnetist of the practice “our well-being depends on committed health professionals, associations generators of collective projects, craftsmen creating talent, producers, courageous brewers, restaurateurs highlighting our regional products.More than a fair, we wanted a festival bringing together health actors, regional actors , culture and the arts. Let’s make living together a driving force, a resource for everyone. Good festival to all!” Marion takes the floor to thank “When the crazy idea of ​​​​organizing this festival presented itself to us during a discussion with Chrystelle, we rushed because it was essential for us to finally come together, after these last two years. complicated and thank you to Anna for having realized this beautiful idea of ​​a multidisciplinary practice in the heart of L’Isle en Dodon a year ago already and which allows us to share this beautiful day with you.” The town’s small squares have housed producers, people have been able to learn how to carve pyrography on wood, not forgetting the very successful Caz’n Lud children’s wooden games. Workshops were held all day in the cinema hall, as well as in the hall of the annex town hall: musical awakening workshop for 3 months to 4 years old, screw ball workshop, mediumistic conference, all had a lot of people . Under the hall, conferences all day: presentation of psychology, presentation of Qi Gong… A beautiful day under the sun, many discovered practices to help us be better with qualified people whose we did not suspect the existence, after these years of confinement and all these current disasters. Next year Anna hopes to be able to make a festival N°2 by associating music and theater. We look forward to this new formula! Thank you to all those who invested in this beautiful day.


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