Inauguration of the Lab in Izarbel, tomorrow

Inauguration of the Lab in Izarbel, tomorrow

Three entities, Redbox, Mayoko and Bloom Stories which cannot be summed up only by the vibrant qualifiers of innovative and creative, but above all by the desire to generate meaning: “ When Mathieu Rousset (Mayoko) sends a Basque cake into space using Estia technologies, the operation is certainly audacious, but above all meaningful: to show the capacity for innovation and creativity that we find here. This event made an impression and fully embodies the vision of Le Labo and its 3 agencies. Charles Arramon (Redbox) has modeled many passenger information tools for Kéolis from the Basque Country, tested and approved in the Basque Country and then deployed by the Group in other territories. We understand that it is a great pride! Carine Senft’s numerous collaborations (Bloom Stories) to promote new circular economy models, particularly in the textile industry with La Chaire BALI or Rediv (formerly Patatam) further testify to her agency’s commitment to ecological transition. »

The Lab in a few key points:

The laboratory what’s this ?

The grouping of three communication agencies which have joined their strengths and skills within a entity community and a collaborative work space which they own at the Technopole Izarbel in Bidart. Created 6 years ago, the concept is a precursor because it advocates a new form of cooperation between players in the same industry. Developing new models based on collective intelligence is a fundamental trend that they had foreseen and that the current crises have accelerated.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further” has gone from a mantra to an economic reality for the 3 agencies. The Lab has been a growth accelerator for their respective activities. And a driver of resilience when it has had to face the Covid crisis.

Who are they ?

Today, they bring together 18 marketing and communication experts within a 150 m2 platform and plan to double their workspace to 300 m2 at the start of 2023. They set up project teams according to the issues and needs of their customers, whoever they are: consumer brands and B2B, industrial and institutional.

Mayoko operates in marketing strategy and activation, Redbox in graphic design and digital, Bloom Stories advising on brand narrative, editorial production and media relations. Their expertise is complementary and allows them to think and deploy 360, creative and effective strategies, on all channels: from advertising, to social networks and press relations, through the creation of websites, business tools on online measurement, the production of content and videos, or even the organization of events.

This agility is a major asset for their clients who gain in consistency, impact, and optimize their marketing budgets.

Lab, acronym for Organized Band Activation Lab?

They entered the marketing market with a model entrepreneurial innovative, which shakes up the classic standards of “specialized” agencies. They are clearly a strike force marketing since Basque Country, with an influence that goes far beyond since they work at the national level.

Innovation is an integral part of their DNA, whether in digital with Redbox, in terms of strategy and ideation with Mayoko or in the communication of new CSR challenges for Bloom Stories companies.

But it is also their experience, their work abilities, their intellectual rigor and their operational excellence that are recognized.



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