How to get rid of cellulite on arms?

How to get rid of cellulite on arms?

Cellulite on the arms is less common than on the buttocks or thighs. Nevertheless, this remains an area where orange peel skin can set in. If this cellulite bothers you, rest assured, there are solutions to get rid of it. We take stock.

Cellulitis on the arms: the causes

Cellulite results from excessive fat storage in fat cells. Adipose tissue is made up of what are called adipocytes. When adipocytes grow, they deform the septa (partitions that separate the different layers of the skin) pulling them down, while pushing the tissues up. This is what creates that orange peel effect, with bumps and dips. It is a natural phenomenon that affects 90% of women.

Cellulite can lodge on the buttocks, the thighs but also on the arms – especially at the level of the triceps. Orange peel skin on the arms most often affects women aged 60 and over, due to menopause. But it can, in fact, affect women of all ages. Especially if your body tends to store in the upper body and stomach.

Several factors can promote the appearance of cellulite on the arms:

  • A poor diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • muscle relaxation
  • The hormonal system
  • The hereditary factor
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Physical inactivity…

Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for getting rid of cellulite on your arms. Most of the work is done on your diet and your physical activity.

Another gesture that can help you? Self-massage to stimulate circulation and drain. Here, it is a question of performing a palpate-roll, from the elbow to the shoulder. It is best to arm yourself with a anti cellulite cream (and even better, a suction cup to fight against orange peel skin), in order to maximize the effects of the massage. The goal is to come and soften the septa and de-fribrate to remove dimples.

This self-massage is to be carried out two to three times a week to see results. Most ? It will also help you to revive the blood circulation in this area.

Which sport for arm cellulite?

If you suffer from cellulite on your arms, sport will be your ally. And particularly these three exercises, ideal for strengthening the triceps, acting on orange peel skin and on “bat arms”.

Sheathing is a highly recommended exercise for toning your whole body, including your arms. To have maximum effect on the triceps, it is better to plank on the arms than on the elbows. Start by holding 30 seconds and then gradually increase the duration. It’s a quick exercise, very easy to include in your schedule!

Push-ups work the arms and triceps a lot. Do not hesitate to include it in your sports routine. If you find it difficult to perform push-ups, you can always opt for the kneeling option. Each person at his own pace.

  • Arm raises with small dumbbells

Last effective exercise to knock out cellulite: arm raises with small dumbbells. Keep your arms stretched along your body then raise them to shoulder height, with a dumbbell in each hand.

Obviously, to fight against cellulite as a whole, it is necessary to vary the exercises and above all, muscle strengthening and cardio. Do not hesitate to try sports that mobilize the arms, such as rowing or tennis!

After how long can we see results? About three to four weeks, if you’re consistent. This goes hand in hand with a balanced diet.

The diet to adopt to get rid of orange peel skin on the arms

We told you, a poor diet can promote the appearance of cellulite on the arms. Fortunately, some healthy foods are real allies in the fight against orange peel skin. In particular those with diuretic qualities, which will facilitate the drainage and elimination of toxins and waste. But also those rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

  • For fruits, we bet on: kiwi, pineapple and melon
  • For vegetables, we opt for: cabbage, leek and spinach
  • For proteins, choose lean meats, such as chicken or white fish. If you are vegetarian, bet on tofu or spirulina!

Please note that these dietary recommendations do not mean following a strict diet. Very strict diets are detrimental to physical and mental health. They can cause a yo-yo effect or even worse, eating disorders. They are simply foods to include in your daily menus to exfoliate cellulite.

If you are looking to lose weight, it is essential to be accompanied by a health professional.

Anti-cellulite treatments to afford

Many anti-cellulite slimming treatments have emerged in recent years and some have proven themselves. This is particularly the case with maderotherapy. This massage technique with wooden tools promises to remove cellulite and make the skin smooth and firm, with a course of five sessions (one every week).

Some institutes also offer lymphatic drainage. This treatment will improve blood circulation, fight cellulite and water retention, eliminate toxins and water retention.

Otherwise, you can always opt for endermology (LPG) to get rid of orange peel skin on your arms. It is a “high tech massage” with a device that acts on all types of cellulite and helps to destock fat, smooth orange peel skin and firm the epidermis. Here, too, it works as a cure. The best is to perform ten sessions over five weeks.


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