Energy crisis. Back to distance learning this winter? The University of Lille responds

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The return of distance courses this winter, this time because of the rise in energy prices? The University of Lille responds to the growing rumour. (©JB/Lille news/Illustration)

[MàJ : Hugo Décrypte a, depuis, fait machine arrière. « Nous avons de notre côté supprimé le TikTok au moment du démenti de l’Université ce matin [du 21 septembre]and will post clear fixes tonight on TikTok,” he tells us.]

The rumor started from the social networks ofHugo Decrypts, a famous influencer who offers “a quick and easy summary of the news every day” to his 2.2 million subscribers on Instagram. Except that here, in this case, the news is not really news. On September 20, he shares a photo of the Pont de Bois campusat Villeneuve-d’Ascq (North), in front of which appears the following statement: “The University of Lille will switch several distance learning courses during the winter. The screenshot is making the rounds on Twitter, sparking surprise and anger from students who say they weren’t made aware.

Faced with the “energy problem”, an ongoing reflection

And for good reason, questioned, the University of Lille explains that no decision in this direction has been taken as of September 21. She got wind of the many reactions to the “rumor”.

“We have been thinking about the different hypotheses for a few months. There are no decisions taken at this stage, because we have to share them with our authorities and the communities, it is specified. But this energy problem has occupied us, since long before the start of the school year.”

The management of the University of Lille

Because of course, it is the announced increase in the price of energy that forces us to rethink the course of courses and activities on the various campuses. The energy bill could show an overrun of 20 million euros next winter.

“The University of Lille is 650,000 m², 180 buildings, 88,000 people – 80,000 students, 8,000 staff. What drives us is the well-being of all, and this depends on the heating conditions. »

Inventory of “thermal colanders”

For the time being, a collection of information is in progress. Namely, which buildings are thermal sieves – and there are – and how full they will be, between end-of-semester exams, students on internships, work-study students in companies, etc. The University makes it known that it will disseminate the information widely and clearly when one scenario has been favored over another.

Videos: currently on Actu

What is certain is that a campaign to raise awareness of eco-gestures will be carried out with everyone. For example, remember to regularly sort your mailboxes.

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