ALÈS A new CBD boutique specializing in animal welfare

ALÈS A new CBD boutique specializing in animal welfare

Albane and Julien used their respective first names to find the name of the store. (Photo Corentin Migoule)

Number 16 on the very busy rue Saint-Vincent d’Alès has just welcomed a new recruit. A young couple has just set up their brand new business there dedicated to the sale of cannabidiol (CBD) products including a range dedicated to pets.

Since September 16, the premises at No. 16 on the very attractive rue Saint-Vincent d’Alès, formerly occupied by Maison Montagut, then by an optical store, has welcomed Albane and Julien. Respectively aged 29 and 28, the latter used their first name to find the name of their new shop, simply called “Albane and Julien”. While waiting for the reception of its final storefront, the young couple is content with a makeshift poster plastered on the facade of the business, promoting the now essential CBD.

Extracted from hemp, a plant rich in cannabidiol, this substance is distinguished by its increasingly frequent use in a medical setting. Despite the strong competition in this niche in Alès, Albane and Julien Lopez have not given up on establishing their first business there. She, a former gerontology facilitator, he, a training developer, have invested all their savings in this project. “We start with equity, without any credit, just to try to develop our business by falling asleep a little more quietly”says the co-founder.

“I tried CBD and since then I sleep much better”

Because if her sleep is peaceful today, the Nîmes woman has not always fallen easily into the arms of Morpheus. “I am a very anxious and very stressed person. I had a lot of trouble sleeping and woke up often at night. I consulted doctors several times and systematically I was offered sleeping pills. For me, it was not possible. I tried CBD and since then I sleep much better. I am also less stressed and I eat better”swears Albane.

Also a consumer of products concentrated in CBD, Julien has found a way to treat his back pain and reduce his concentration problems. “It’s radical! It’s day and night “, he assures. Starting from the principle that a product whose properties we know and appreciate is better sold, the couple naturally embarked on the adventure. “We tried to find different products to stand out from the competition”advances the co-founder, citing in particular the sale of hot drinks, to take away or to consume on the spot, exclusively based on CBD (coffee, deca, tea and infusions).

Oils, balms, sprays, cosmetics… CBD is consumed in several ways at Albane and Julien, who claim 100% French products (from Savoie and Aveyron in particular) and with different aromas. “Some people don’t like the strong taste of hemp, so we also offer a mint taste”, indicates the ex-developer. “We also have a few products that do not contain CBD, such as shelled hemp seeds”adds the young entrepreneur.

“He scratches less and no longer licks his paw”

But, in this small room whose decoration is inspired by ancient Rome in a nod to the city of the Antonines and “its historical monuments”, a carrier catches the eye. The one dedicated to pets. Salmon-flavoured CBD oil, repairing balms for the pads, a treatment to improve the quality of the coat, a protective shampoo… So many products that are suitable for both dogs and cats and would contribute to their well-being.

Only CBD cookies are exclusively for doggies. “We had a client with a Malinois male who was very stressed at the idea of ​​being alone. He had a tendency to break everything in the apartment. We tried to find the best solution to appease him., says Albane Lopez. Owners of a staffie, the couple regularly tests their products on their dog, which seems receptive: “He had a lot of allergies and skin issues. Since we gave him CBD, we really see the difference. He scratches less and no longer licks his paw. »

Wishing to be part of the long term by avoiding the opening of ephemeral trade, Albane and Julien observe an effect of ” curiosity “ among passers-by already translating into “a few sales”. Last specificity of the house, each product purchased is sealed with wax at the time of sale, before a brand stamp is applied. In addition to a recyclable metal box, the buyer goes home with a cardboard poster mentioning the characteristics of the product and the dosage to be respected.

Corentin Migoule

Albane et Julien, new CBD business at 16 rue Saint-Vincent, in Alès. Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday.


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