This experiment will strengthen the supporters of the 4-day week at work

This experiment will strengthen the supporters of the 4-day week at work

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Business people working at their desks with screen partition in between them. Startup business people return back to work after covid-19 pandemic.

Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

Early positive feedback from a large-scale four-day week trial in the UK. (illustrative photo)

UNITED KINGDOM – A large-scale test of the UK’s four-day week, launched in June for six months, is showing largely positive results so far, according to mid-term data published on Tuesday September 20 by organizers.

More than 70 companies have registered for this experiment, which allows more than 3,300 employees to work one day less per week while maintaining the same salary.

According to a survey of businesses, to which just over half responded, 88% “said the four-day week was working ‘well’ for their business at this point”reports in a press release 4 Day Week Global, an association which organizes the experiment, with in particular the universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

And 86% of responding companies said they would consider ” most likely “ Where “extremely likely” to keep the four-day week at the end of the trial period.

Moreover, almost half have seen their productivity maintained, a third of companies believe that it has even “slightly improved” and 15% that she “significantly improved”.

“Some weeks are easier than others”

“We see that for many (companies) the transition is quite smooth but for some there are obstacles”especially those displaying corporate cultures “dating back to the last century”according to Joe O’Connor, general manager of 4 Day Week Global.

“The four-day week has been a great success for us so far: productivity has remained high, with an increase in team well-being” but also “financial performance up 44%”relates Claire Daniels, director of Trio Media, a marketing agency in Leeds (north of England) participating in the experiment.

“It was not a walk in the park at the start” and “some weeks are easier than others”with in particular difficulties when leaving on vacation, testifies for her part Nicci Russell, general manager of Waterwise, an NGO working on the reduction of water consumption in the United Kingdom.

“But we are much more comfortable now than when we started”and this has an effect “great for our well-being and we are already much more productive”assures the leader.

Similar experiments have taken place or are in progress in Spain, Iceland, Ireland, the United States and Canada, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

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