The top 5 CSE goodies for your employees back to school

The top 5 CSE goodies for your employees back to school


If the post-covid context allows a normal situation again, the return from vacation of your employees remains a delicate moment to manage. Often synonymous with change in departments (new projects, new employees, new offices), the return to school in September can be experienced as demobilization or additional stress. This is an opportunity to strengthen your employer brand while making your teams happy by giving them corporate gifts. Not only will they allow a smooth return to the office, but they will accompany them for the rest of the year.

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1. Office equipment

At the start of the school year, new office supplies arrive just in time. Start a new notebook personalized with your logo to follow the next meetings is a good basis for getting off to a good start after the summer holidays. And in order to leave room for work, memo pads, pens, highlighters, pencil holders and desk organizers with mouse pads are essential to enhance the daily routine and regain optimal productivity.

In the case of a resumption of professional activity in telework, your employees will be happy to re-establish a physical link with their company through goodies offered by the CSE. Support for laptop or phone, headphones or computer bag will be welcome for equip your remote teams.

Not all companies work in offices: reception areas, construction sites or workshops are places where your employees must be visible for professional and safety reasons. A corporate jacket or t-shirt is therefore useful for welcoming customers, being comfortable on machines or identify your employees as a business.

2. The world of drinkware

Ensuring the well-being of your employees can be the key objective of your works council, in support of your CSR approach. Bet on the top of our ecological company goodies: the mug and the water bottle. A real internal success, the personalized mug is the ambassador of your image. Carried in the hand of your employee, it displays your logo and consolidates the corporate culture during the coffee break. If the ceramic mug is a classic, stand out for example by a transparent double-walled glass cup model accompanied by a tea bag.

As for the water bottle, whether it is a simple container for daily hydration or isothermal to keep drinks hot throughout the day, it is the standard bearer in the fight against disposable plastic. By choosing it, your ecological convictions will be put forward. From the sugar cane sports bottle to the 1.5 L construction bottle, you will be spoiled for choice to satisfy all the profiles of your employees with a responsible and sustainable goodies.

3. Business lunch

If you want to approach the month of September with serenity and conviviality, it is wise to ensure a benevolent corporate image by giving your employees something to eat at the office. In a back-to-school context that is difficult to manage financially, why not offer them an insulated bag with a lunch box and reusable cutlery in stainless steel or bamboo. They will thus be able eat healthily and cheaply at your business premises.

By bringing back their meal prepared the day before, your employees contribute to reduce food waste (packaging, leftover food, etc.) and to participate in social cohesion between colleagues in a tense environmental and economic context. In recycled plastic, stainless steel, glass or bamboo, with or without integrated cutlery, the lunch box or bento box offers all the possibilities for a cold or hot meal, but balanced and to your liking.

4. The essential high tech

The high-tech dimension within the company is somehow unavoidable for most of you. Connected for the duration of his working day and even beyond, your employee does not lose sight of his laptop for professional…as well as personal reasons. The high-tech goodies we make life easier. Illustrations by the multi-connector charging cable allowing any model of smartphone to be recharged or by the induction charger to quickly find a full battery level thanks to the fast charge.

In appointments, on the move, USB keys and wireless headphones can be useful for your employees to record, transfer or take phone calls. In addition to the computer accessories that are part of your employees’ office equipment, also consider the hedonic nature of connected goodiesthrough mobile loudspeakers and speakers, very popular with young employees.

5. The well-being of your employees

Who says back to school, often says good resolutions. In order to face the dark months of autumn and winter, it is important to think about the physical and mental health of your employees. On the program: sport and well-being at the service of more efficient and proven productivity!

So encourage your employees to take the path of the halls or sports fields. Yoga mat, jump rope accompanied by a sports towel in a gym bag, and here is your employee transformed into a future sports competitor to find an Olympic form. While most of them come to work by bike or public transport, make their home-office journey easier by corporate gifts personalized with your logo visible to all: cover for bicycle saddle, phosphorescent safety vest, anti-theft backpack, etc.

And to prolong the well-being even in their interior, candle, incense or bath towel peacefully accompany the post-work relaxation break. Unless you prefer a vocation as a gardener or handyman with equally useful promotional gifts: tree seedlings, seed packets, tape measure or multifunction pliers.

The start of the new school year in September has barely begun, and it’s already time to think about another highlight of the year: Christmas. Your works councils will not be outdone to celebrate it with dignity with all employees. Corporate gift professionals have already concocted a special end-of-year selection: gift boxes, gift baskets and chocolates will be on hand to once again create the magic of Christmas.

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