Still strong, En Vie de Souffle weathered the COVID storm well


AG in breath life Gérardmer 2022 1 (2)

The association’s volunteers In Life of Breath recently met in the town hall of Gérardmer around their president Georges Grosjean as part of the annual meetings for the year 2021.

AG in breath life Gérardmer 2022 1 (1)As you can imagine, the life of the association has been disrupted by the COVID 19 epidemic and several projects or events could not be organized due to sanitary conditions and the lack of visibility linked to this very particular context. Nevertheless, and as Gorges Grosjean pointed out during this general assembly, despite the COVID and the difficulties of organizing events, the accounts are in balance.
We were able to bring our association to life throughout 2021 with the organization of a gourmet meal at the Gérardmer hotel school (80 people), a large raffle with a Nintendo Switch worth 350 euros to be won , a presence at the association forum and participation in the Gérardmer market just before Christmas. We also launched the Virades solidarity challenge in September. The operation made it possible to collect 575 euros for the benefit of the national association “Vaincre la mucoviscidose” which finances, among other things, research, medicines and caregiver positions. And as in 2020, to bring happiness to sick children, we offered Christmas gifts to the CRCM (cystic fibrosis resource and competence center) of Nancy Brabois summarizes the president.
In Life of Breath has therefore provided more than the essentials in a difficult context and is already planning towards the end of 2022 and the year 2023 through an essential project: organizing sports days for children affected by the disease, supervised by the medical staff and sports coaches. ” Sport is an essential element for the well-being of a “muco” and contributes to its development. The year 2023 will be placed under the sign of synergy and exchanges: with the medical profession, but also with other local associations explains Georges Grosjean. You will therefore find In life of breath throughout the year with various events: musical tales, exceptional concerts, and other surprises!
The president also took advantage of this assembly to thank all the always faithful partners and merchants as well as the town hall of Gérardmer for its logistical and financial support. And to remember that you can come and get the coloring comics ” Sam and his CF » at the price of 10 euros which is always available from the association (
To conclude this general meeting, Anne Chwaliszewski once again thanked and encouraged all the members of the association who “fshow great transparency in its activities. Your generosity and your dignity in the face of illness always amazes me, and you knew how to surround yourself“.

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