QN Europe: Direct selling as a model of success

QN Europe: Direct selling as a model of success

Why did you choose direct selling?

LNetwork selling – or Multilevel Marketing – has many advantages. First of all, it is perfectly suited to the “well-being/lifestyle” sector insofar as the recommendation is more effective than a simple advertisement.

In addition, the status of Independent Home Seller (or VDI) offers the possibility of working from where you want, when you want and how you want. Indeed, unlike many competitors, we do not impose any sales target and leave the freedom to the seller to set their own targets! Few jobs offer such freedom!

At QN Europe, we are convinced that there are no better sellers than our satisfied customers! Whether it’s our LifeQode range of dietary supplements, our Physio Radiance cosmetics, our HomePure line which offers high-tech water and air purifiers, or the Watch Academy which offers the possibility of designer and design from A to Z his own luxury watch, our products seduce by their quality and their innovations. In France alone, we have more than 2,000 sellers spread throughout the country.

How do you support your sellers?

Direct selling can be a springboard for trying out entrepreneurship, without risk and with support. It is not always easy to know the workings of accounting, marketing, public speaking or even management.

QN Europe therefore sets up a training course necessary for the success of each of its partners. For example, we have been able to accelerate the digitization of the activities of our partners to enable them to continue their activity during the Covid-19 crisis. From now on, all our partners are experienced in what we could call Direct Selling 2.0

It is important that everyone who joins QN Europe receives comprehensive training, and this is what we offer them within the My Startup programme. This training aims to release everyone’s skills. We consider their development to be our responsibility, it’s a “win-win” strategy! Our salespeople and managers also have access to physical training which takes place every 2 months in their region and every 6 months at the national level in order to train them on the 5 to 10 new products that we offer each year.

Can everyone succeed?

Direct selling is for everyone, without distinction. Whatever their level of study, everyone will receive the same remuneration on their sales. To be successful, you need discipline and really wanting it. Contrary to what you might hear, it doesn’t just fall from the sky, you have to get involved. But through hard work, our salespeople succeed. We also consider that this activity constitutes a solution to the crisis of the purchasing power by allowing our partners to increase their incomes in a substantial way. Great career prospects are offered to everyone!