kaleido |  IDEO+: the registered education savings plan that does more

kaleido | IDEO+: the registered education savings plan that does more

When the time comes to choose a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP), a Kaleido-SOM survey reveals that 59% of Quebec parents have no dominant choice criteria for selecting a financial institution. However, some products offer additional services that may be of interest to families. This is the case with the new simple and flexible IDEO+ RESPs by Kaleido, a pioneer in education savings for nearly 60 years, which include personalized support adapted to the needs of today’s young families. Here is an overview.

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First, investing in an RESP allows you to grow the money set aside to fund a child’s post-secondary education tax-free, while benefiting from generous government grants of up to 60% of amount invested. Choose one of three IDEO+ RESPs based on your risk tolerance and values. For example, the Responsible IDEO+ plan incorporates impact investing principles aimed at generating positive environmental and societal change.

5 support services included

1. Health and wellness
A healthy family, where you eat well and where physical activity is part of everyday life, brings together the winning conditions to promote academic success and lead a fulfilling life. Even if you don’t have a family doctor, your RESP provides a free telemedicine consultation each year to take care of those who matter to you. You also have access to nutrition tools and an online training platform at a preferential rate, all about cultivating healthy lifestyle habits.

2. Academic support and tutoring
Schedule conflicts, learning disabilities, special needs: many obstacles could affect your child’s academic performance. If necessary, know that you are entitled to a preferential rate for services such as tutoring, homework help, speech therapy, language stimulation, orthopedagogy and summer courses to promote academic success. Also consult the articles and video capsules of a recognized partner in academic support to find possible solutions.

3. Teen Career Orientation
Help your teenager think about his future job and the school career that will lead him there. In 20-minute capsules of the podcast Near future, host Valérie Chevalier welcomes guests with exciting careers to broaden the horizons of your youngster. The eight episodes of the first season are already available and the second season will be launched shortly; listen to one together or invite your teenager to have a moment of discovery! In addition, take advantage of career guidance advice from qualified professionals, as well as the tools they have developed.

4. Family finances
How could you build up a down payment to access the property? Should you prioritize contributions to your child’s RESP, to your own Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or rather to your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)? Which debts should you pay off first? Enrich your financial literacy by watching video clips, attending webinars and reading tips on sound financial management.

5. Coaching and family life
How to accompany your child who is going through a turbulent period? Help your teenager make the right choices? Or, combine your roles as parent and member of the couple with your personal happiness? Even if, sooner or later, conflicts within the family are inevitable, answers to your questions and solutions to simplify your daily life can be found in tools, video capsules, free webinars and training at preferential rates from partners. .