During their tour of France, this family stops in Meaux to fight against the isolation of seniors

During their tour of France, this family stops in Meaux to fight against the isolation of seniors

Fiona Lauriol (right) is touring France with her parents to raise awareness against the social death of seniors. ©Laura Bourven/La Marne

For a year, Fiona Lauriol and her parents do the tour of France in a flocked caravan “101 years old, grandma goes on a mop”. The objective of this journey: tell the story of the travels of Fiona Lauriol and her grandmotherbut above all to raise awareness among the French isolation of the elderly.

Three years of travel with his centenarian grandmother

The click, Fiona Lauriol had it in 2017, when she was told that her 100-year-old grandmother was dying. “I was told he had one week left to live. So I took her with me. We didn’t have too many emotional ties, but I told myself that I wouldn’t like to die alone.

If the roommate seems difficult at first, Fiona Lauriol sticks to make grandma’s last days more beautiful. “I learned to take care of her. We reduced the number of medications he had to take daily, I made him walk with a walker…” Six months later, his grandmother is still alive, with a broad smile back to his face.

“I then suggested that he go on a road trip in a motorhome. If we don’t take advantage when we are senior, when do we do it? “, continues Fiona Lauriol. This is the beginning of a great adventure that will last three years. Years when the family discovered Europe: Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela, Portugal…

“The more we advanced, the more she radiated”. The journey ended for Fiona Lauriol’s grandmother in June 2020, when she died in her sleep.

“There is no expiration date”

But the adventure is not over for Fiona Lauriol and her parents. The young woman from Vendée has since write a book on its history and recently, it is touring France to raise awareness of the isolation of seniors and social death.

“By living this adventure, it opened my eyes to the world of old age and I want to fight to move the lines. We want to show that we have the right to live at any age. People don’t have an expiration date. Especially since retirees generally want to be active. If they ramble, it’s because we have nothing new to offer them”.

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To make her story heard, Fiona Lauriol is in Meaux until September 21 to “explain that old age is not a dirty disease”. She notably went to the Terfaux residence, to a college, as well as to the senior club in Meaux.

With this tour, she hopes to convince elected officials to establish a dialogue and of find solutions for the welfare of the elderly.

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