Prime Minister Ndirakobuca calls on officials to lead by example in respecting the law, protecting and promoting the well-being of Burundians

The President of the Republic takes various measures of immediate application

  • In the permanent concern to ensure the well-being of all social strata of the Togolese population in conjunction with axis 1 of the roadmap which aims to strengthen inclusion and social harmony and consolidate peace,
  • taking into account the rise in the general level of consumer prices which spares no country,
  • after consultation with social actors,
  • anxious to preserve the purchasing power of households, in general, and to protect the most vulnerable groups, in particular,
  • in accordance with my commitment not to leave any Togolese behind,

I decide on the following measures of immediate application:

  1. 10% increase in the index value of salaries and retirement pensions for civil and military civil servants and public sector retirees, i.e. an annual amount of 22.5 billion FCFA,
  2. additional 5% increase in the retirement pension for all retirees in the public sector (civilian and military) and the private sector,
  3. monthly transport allowance of 10,000 FCFA on an exceptional basis for each civil servant of the State (payable outside the bulletin) to cope with the increase in travel costs in these difficult times, i.e. an annual budgetary cost of 8.8 billion FCFA,
  4. gratuity of the balance of the advance on salary granted in January 2022 to civil servants and retirees over the eight (8) months remaining to be reimbursed, i.e. 7.1 billion FCFA, in order to enable them to cope with the start of the school year and the cost of living,
  5. special bonus of 3 billion FCFA by direct monetary transfers to parents of students for the purchase of school supplies.
  6. subsidy of 2.5 billion FCFA for the acquisition of writing and reading manuals for primary school students,
  7. increase in the subsidy for fertilizers by 6 billion FCFA to bring it to 7.5 billion FCFA in order to stabilize prices throughout the 2021/2022 campaign for the benefit of our farmers,
  8. additional allocation of the subsidy to petroleum products of 30 billion FCFA to bring it to 37.8 billion FCFA, in order to continue the support of the State to the soaring prices of petroleum products induced by the geopolitical situation at the international level and the rise in the value of the dollar,
  9. additional allocation of the domestic gas subsidy of 7.7 billion FCFA to bring it to 9.3 billion FCFA in order to continue to support households,
  10. continued application of tax measures taken in favor of the private sector in the context of the state of health emergency.

Finally, I instructed the Government to ensure the acceleration and rapid conclusion of discussions with the social partners and the private sector with a view to raising the guaranteed interprofessional minimum wage (SMIG).

I urge our fellow citizens to work harder, show solidarity and strengthen social cohesion in these times of crisis in order to meet together the challenge of our country’s inclusive development.