HR & People Congress: "It is with well-being that the war for talents is won"

HR & People Congress: “It is with well-being that the war for talents is won”

Does your team also look forward to Monday? This may soon be the case: during the first RetailDetail HR & People CongressAnn De Bisschop, consultant in “employee well-being”, will propose a growth-oriented approach for both retail employees and their managers.

Well-being, no small matter

“Wellness is more than a fruit basket and a yoga class a week. Ann De Bisschop is well placed to know this, she who was commercial director at DPG Media for 15 years before becoming its first wellness director. “I was already the unofficial mother hen of the company, but having experienced the effects of stress myself, I wanted to proactively ensure that the company’s 1,500 employees did not suffer the same . »

Proactivity is the key word, emphasizes Ann De Bisschop, who is now a wellness consultant, speaker and author of two books on employee wellness. “The weekly board meeting of DPG Media now always starts with the same question: are the employees happy? This requires a real annual plan and policy, with key performance indicators and a trajectory around good leadership. »

De Bishop does not come from the social sector and believes that “employee well-being” is not a social matter either. “In big companies, it’s a full-time job. But even in small companies, I think this area deserves a ‘dedicated’ position. The HR manager cannot simply devote 10% of his time to it. »

Employees are the showcase

Why is employee well-being so important? “As Simon Sinek said: ‘customers will never love a company until the employees love it first’. Before investing in customer focus, you need to invest in people. And in today’s ‘war for talent’, a well-being policy will make all the difference. Think of hybrid working, for example. Flexibility is the new reality. If you insist on staying in the past, the employees will leave. »

In addition, to attract the right people, it is very important that employees are the showcase of the company. “Even as an employer, you should know your ‘net promoter score’. More and more companies are giving bonuses if you help recruit a new person, and elections for ‘great place to work’ and ’employer of the year’ are undeniably valuable, as they are sort of quality labels granted by the employees themselves. »

Staff turnover is generally high in retail. What would be the solution? De Bishop highlights three key components: autonomy, belonging and skills. “Belonging is key: involve employees in the global narrative. Too often, communication fails. I also ask managers if they know the skills of their employees. And if they use them. Dare to ‘job crafting’: create the position according to the employee’s passions and talents. »

helping makes you happy

According to the author of Aftellen naar maandag (“Countdown to Monday”, editor’s note), executives must now above all show empathy. “You need growth-oriented employees. People saying ‘I can’t do it yet’ rather than ‘I can’t do it anyway’. Surrounding yourself with positive people creates a positive environment. »

What does the retailer of the future look like? “The more personal the contact, the better. In the digital world, it is the human aspect that makes the difference. I really like the concept of slow checkouts at jumbo, for example, not only for customers but also for employees who choose to work there and who can thus use their social skills. A great initiative: making customers happy means contributing to your own happiness. Helping others makes you happy, it’s been proven. »

RetailDetail’s first Human Resources & People Congress will take place on 13/10 in Antwerp and will host Ikea, lidl, JBC and many others.