Focus on the French brand Daylily, maternity beauty expert

Focus on the French brand Daylily, maternity beauty expert

Concerned about your well-being and the health of your skin, you are struggling to find care adapted to your needs as a future mother, and wish to orient yourself towards products with a healthy and natural composition, both sensory and compatible with the pregnancy and breastfeeding? Discover Daylily, the expert maternity beauty brand, and rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself.

The birth of a benevolent brand

Pregnant women and young mothers, here is the story of a birth that should particularly concern you.
After an internship in Tahiti where she met her future husband Fabien, an expert midwife, Audrey, founder of the brand, wondered about the lack of specialized care in maternity, with a truly healthy composition, and without danger for the pregnancy or breastfeeding. When she became pregnant in 2013, her findings were alarming, and she struggled to find products that really suited her and met the very specific needs of pregnant women. With her husband, they then observe that “the market for care for pregnant women is too medicalized, the products undesirable”. Audrey then decides to take matters into her own hands. If she is unable to find treatments suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, she will develop them herself.

Designed and designed to meet the needs of those who are embarking on the adventure of maternity, the French brand Daylily was born in 2015, and does everything possible to offer clean and effective care, which combines pleasure and sensoriality.
If Audrey, since mother of 3 children, and her midwife husband have the legitimacy to be able to offer products perfectly adapted to pregnant women and young mothers, they are nevertheless helped by a team of 8 people and a community of young and future mothers and volunteers, who take part in discussion groups organized by the brand each time new products are developed, and then validate their effectiveness after having used them in real situations. In short, nothing is done by chance and the mothers themselves are put at the heart of this project, aiming to offer each time effective and benevolent solutions to take care of themselves.

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Effective and risk-free products

Expert in beauty care specially designed for maternity, the Daylily brand also pays particular attention to the composition of its products and their ability to provide real pleasure during application. The texture and smell of the treatments are then developed to offer a moment of pleasure and increased sensory experience, which offer future and young mothers the opportunity to enjoy a cocooning and relaxing moment. From the creamy firming balm to the shower jelly, all the products aim to take care of the skin, but also to limit the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, to moisturize and protect from the sun, and above all, to take enjoy taking care of yourself.
Healthy, vegan and cruelty-free, Daylily products can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding safely and without any risk.
Formulated, manufactured and packaged in France, they are Ecocert certified and use as many organic ingredients as possible. Arranged in glass or recyclable plastic packaging, Daylily skincare products are as gentle with your skin as they are with the planet, and are certified free of essential oils, alcohol or nanoparticles. Offering an ecological and healthy alternative to classic products, sometimes composed of elements that are not recommended or even toxic for pregnancy and breastfeeding, the brand also makes it a point of honor to offer treatments at affordable prices, so that all those who wish to be able to make the choice of an effective and safe well-being, even when they are not concerned by maternity, but would still like to opt for a clean and gentle beauty routine.

Editor’s selection

Nausea Saver herbal tea

The Nausea Saver anti-nausea herbal tea, developed with The French Herborist, can be used from the first month of pregnancy to regain comfort and well-being when conventional anti-nausea are prohibited. Based on ginger and verbena, it provides a delicious moment of pleasure, even for those with a sensitive sense of smell.

The anti-stretch mark ritual

This morning and evening anti-stretch mark ritual, made up of a melting milk and a sensory oil, is the essential duo to prevent and reduce stretch marks, and deeply moisturize the skin. Based on natural active ingredients, these two complementary treatments allow quick dressing in the morning thanks to the fluid texture of the milk, while the oil nourishes the body and allows a longer and more relaxing massage.

The soothing mask for the belly

This soothing fabric mask is specially designed for the belly of expectant mothers. Composed of a complex of marine active ingredients and hyaluronic acid, it hydrates and soothes tightness and itching, while offering a pure moment of pleasure and relaxation. At the end of application, its fluid texture prolongs the cocooning moment since it is ideal for massaging gently, to make the material penetrate.

shower jelly

For the whole family, from mother to baby, this sensory shower oil enriched with soothing ORGANIC Mallow Flower extract and moisturizing ORGANIC vegetable glycerin, soothes, protects and cleanses sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, it is suitable for both pregnant women and newborns.

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