Beautheil-Saints.  Stud farm and farmhouse: at the school of animal welfare and mutual aid

Beautheil-Saints. Stud farm and farmhouse: at the school of animal welfare and mutual aid

At Haras de Beautheil-Saints, there are initially 33 ponies and club horses. ©LPB

It is not the horses Trensy-d’amour and Obama, Sarah the sheep or even Pua and Peppa the pigs who will say the opposite. At Haras de Beautheil-Saints, life is good! It is indeed a priority for Stéphanie Moreira, 36, the owner who ensures the comfort of all regulars and residents.

We are giving a chance to young thoroughbreds who have been reformed from racing »

Stéphanie Moreira, owner of the stud farm

When this horse-riding enthusiast, fond of equestrian competitions since the age of 10, bought the stud farm at the end of February 2022, she was first seduced by the 10 hectares offered by the place where she quickly set up two vast clearings and an imposing covered carousel.

“We have fitted out the stud farm so that people and our animals feel good there. It is our haven of peace and we like to share it by organizing many parties and gatherings there several times a year,” says Stéphanie Moreira.

The atmosphere is family. The leitmotif is mutual aid. Whether you are a rider at the club or the owner of your horse, whether you come to prepare for a competition or for your pleasure, here everyone helps each other! “, specifies the instructor. A retention basin was created behind the carousel to collect rainwater, used to clean the structures and water the animals. It is in this eco-responsible atmosphere that the riders and their horses live together.

The boarders

Some horses in pre-retirement like Obama are real mascots for their docility and their track record in competitions.

Trensy d’amour the little shetland that all children cherish has also won many medals.

Several owners’ horses are boarded at this stud farm. The place does not know the shortage of horses. Stéphanie Moreira explains: “We are giving a chance to young thoroughbreds who have finished racing. They are good horses, well in their head so we are not affected by the shortage. »

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Indeed, for 2 years, in France, many equestrian centers have had difficulty in renewing their workforce of equines. The fault is a lack of breeders and a drop in birth rates, but also a significant inflation following the health crisis.

Another specificity of the place: it is also possible to come across a cow nicknamed Milka, on the back of which like to climb small dwarf goats, four in number. In the same enclosure, Sarah the sheep, surrounded by two pigs and of several hens live in harmony. Stéphanie Moreira has taken in these animals, which the riders of the stud farm already enjoy rubbing shoulders with. She plans to create an educational farm and to offer the surrounding schools activities in contact with these endearing little residents.


The Beautheil-Saint stud farm offers a multitude of activities for animal lovers. Horse riding of course, accessible from 3 to 99 years old, for leisure or competition. Courses in dressage, aerobatics, cross country but also equifun and horseball can also be offered. The manager supervises several courses with the help of Coralie, also an instructor. “We have always taken riders to the French championship, it’s motivating to have a goal”, specifies Stéphanie Moreira who has not lost her love for competition.

Where ? When ? How many ?

Haras de Beautheil-Saints, 1 route de Touquin 77120 Beautheil-Saints Contact Stéphanie 06 85 21 71 86.

Classes: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Contribution of €116 / €665 for a package of 36 lessons / €25 for an hour of lessons only / 10-hour cards.

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