Use money to serve God.

Use money to serve God.


Every Sunday, La Croix Africa takes up the commentary taken from the missal “Prions en Eglise Afrique”, published by Bayard Afrique. On this Sunday, Father Gilbert KONATE, of theArchdiocese of Bamako (Mali) invites us to a meditation under the theme: “Using money to serve God.”

The texts of this day shake up our communities which seek by various means to take charge of themselves. They make you think about the relationship to money and material goods. Eight centuries before Jesus Christ, the prophet Amos had already denounced the disorderly pursuit of money. Indeed, the search for money led the wealthy to exploit the poor and to turn away from God.

Saint Paul, in the second reading, recommends praying for heads of state and all those who have responsibilities so that they manage public affairs for the happiness of all. And that in the way of governing the nations, they lead the peoples in their charge to know God and to be saved.

The Gospel parable teaches that the proper use of money is to use it to build strong human relationships and to build a home in eternal life. It is especially necessary to avoid making an idol of it. Because it is not possible to to serve God and the Money-god !

The Pharisees, greedy for money, had laughed at Jesus when they heard his teaching on money. Perhaps they had imagined that Jesus was opposing God and money! Perhaps also they had understood that the Word of God was against the pursuit of money! Looking closely, this Sunday’s texts encourage initiatives to combat poverty. It is about respect for human dignity. If evangelical poverty is a means of cultivating the noblest virtues, misery does not honor the creator of all good. Poverty is an evil to be fought vigorously. However, the Word of God denounces the pursuit of money by dishonest means. Rather, it suggests seeking, by fair means, the money necessary for the well-being of individuals and for the mission of evangelization of communities. Money and other earthly goods are a blessing from God that he entrusts to some for the happiness of all. It is therefore essential to seek the money. However, care must be taken to make the best possible use of it. According to Saint Augustine, it is preferable to bury his money in the sky using it to give charity to the poor. Money should be neither a commodity sought for its own sake nor a master that enslaves the human heart. Instead of living for money, man should use it to better serve his God. It should be made a means for the well-being of man and a springboard for attaining eternal life.

Father Gilbert KONATE, Pius XII Middle Seminary of Koulikoro, Archdiocese of Bamako (Mali)