TPMP People: cette habitude mise en place entre Ayem Nour et son ex !

TPMP People: this habit set up between Ayem Nour and his ex!

Ayem Nour continues to open his heart on the set of TPMP People. This Saturday, she indulged in a habit set up with her ex.

Ayem Nour is back on the set of TPMP People. Faced with Matthieu Delormeau and his entire team, the young woman confided in her new single life. In particular on habit habit set up between her ex and her for the well-being of their son. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Ayem Nour single again

It’s official ! Ayem Nour has made the decision to return on the front of the stage after several years of absence. For the occasion, the pretty brunette then confided in her daily life on the set of TPMP People.

I live in the south, I withdrew from Paris and I isolated myself a little bit in the south because I needed it […] I had a lot of collaborations was a time, I wrote a book, I made money with it […] And then, we’re not going to lie to each other, I also had some money aside. »

This is what the columnist of TPMP People launched to Matthieu Delormeau before tackling a more intimate subject. That of his love life. “Today I am single, but my heart is taken”she explained.

“I’ve always been discreet about it, I didn’t show anyone apart from my son’s father. If tomorrow, he asked me to show myself, if the person who is in my heart, with whom I am not, asked me to formalize things, I will do it”.

She also added: “We are not together. I am not with him. It is not mutual. I don’t think he loves me as much as I do.”

If the star of TPMP People is no longer in a relationship with the father of her son, she still intends to keep a certain balance for the well-being of her little piece of cabbage. MCE TV tells you more!

TPMP People: this habit set up between Ayem Nour and his ex!

Confidences galore on the set of TPMP People

Mother hen, the former BFF of Nabilla Vergara intends to do everything to make her son happy. I teach him a lot about sharingrespecting plants, flowers and animals”explained the columnist of TPMP People in a recent interview for Magic Maman.

“When we respect what is around us, we approach life in a completely different way. The material seems futile, even if we appreciate it. I come from a modest background, her dad is a wealthy man. So I create a scale for him. Well-being is so important”.

Solo mom, the star of TPMP People still intends to keep a solid core for her child. Thus, the pretty brunette is still in contact with the father of young Ayvin.

If the little boy is at his dad’s, this does not prevent the young woman from disembarking at any time. And this, even if the latter lives in Morocco. “Even the week when I’m not supposed to be with him, I often go there”.

She then specified that she was staying at a hotel or in a Riad. There is no denying, the star of TPMP People cannot be seen spending too much time away from her son.