SSERAFIM Must Follow Strict Diet, Fans Worry

HYBE girl group LESERAFIM struggled with the strict diet imposed by the HYBE Labels agency team.

On September 17, the 3rd episode of the documentary ” The World Is My Oyster which unveils the process behind the debut of Kpop girl group LE SSERAFIM, has been uploaded to HYBE Labels’ official Youtube channel.

During the episode, the members of LE SSERAFIM were seen training hard and enduring the pressure attached to the HYBE’s first girl group“.


In Episode 3, HYBE’s Artist Management Team Director Kim Hyeong-eun talked about the diet’s story and told the members: “Those of you who have debuted before know how important self-management is during artist promotion activities. In that aspect, I don’t think you had given yourself 100 percent.”

sakura THE SSERAFIM have to follow a strict diet, fans worry

He continued: “As an agency, we’ll do our best to provide you with the means, but ultimately ‘manage yourself’ is up to you. I think you need more time to really think about how important it is and strictly manage yourself”emphasizing that the members needed to lose more weight.

THE SSERAFIM have to follow a strict diet, fans worry

He continued to advise the members of LE SSERAFIM, who were preparing to make their debut, to appear even more beautiful in front of the screen.

Hearing Director Kim Hyeong-eun’s words, the eldest member, Sakura, shed tears and said, “I’m a little upset”.

THE SSERAFIM must follow a strict chewon sakura diet

She said: “We have worked so hard. I don’t want us to get stressed out about things like this.”explaining the difficulties of a strict diet.

Sakura continued: “I’ve seen members struggle and be criticized for these things”. She pointed out that she felt upset when the group was scolded by society, even though the members worked very hard on dieting to prepare for their debut. However, Sakura accepted the company director’s criticism without question.

sakura diet

She commented: “I think we have to grit our teeth and try really hard, much harder because we really can’t waste time and we have to show results.”

Leader Kim Chae-won also expressed her opinion. She said she has no complaints about how the company helps them manage themselves and diet.

THE SSERAFIM must follow a strict diet hybe source 1

She accepted team director Kim Hyeong-eun’s advice and comforted the other members. Thanks to Kim Chae-won’s warm words, Sakura was determined once again.

THE SSERAFIM must follow a strict diet chewon sakura d

Sakura recalled the days when she was an idol at another agency in the past. She revealed that she was trying to manage her body on her own if she felt she had gained weight at the time, and the agency was doing little to help her.

She then thanked HYBE for helping her control her weight and maintain her figure, as well as making the members of LE SSERAFIM more beautiful on screen.

Sakura diet hybe

Sakura stopped crying and confidently shared: “Members know that the company has shown a lot of support in this direction [perdre du poids]. It is something that we have to take care of ourselves. »

Fans who watched this video commented: “They were already so skinny. Should they be criticized for dieting? “, “Being an idol is an extreme job”, “It is so toxic”, etc., expressing their concerns.

On the other hand, THE SSERAFIM received a lot of love with their debut track “Fearless”. They are currently preparing their return in October.

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