the well-being tip for a serene month of September

the well-being tip for a serene month of September

That’s it, the autumn season takes precedence over this pleasant Indian summer. While the landscapes are dressed in their flamboyant color, morale is grim. In September, a period of transition, a certain general fatigue sets in, without warning. Hygée, French brand of natural food supplements, highly dosed and with proven effectiveness, allows you to find well-being and serenity on a daily basis.

These healthy, responsibly designed formulas promise an immediate and long-lasting energy boost. Slipped into your morning coffee or breakfast bowl, Hygee adaptogenic herbal food supplements awaken that sleeping vigor. A daily gesture that feels good!

Hygée, a little health ritual for great vitality

At the crossroads of the seasons, the blues await us the corner of the eye. Lack of light, gloomy weather and lack of mobility are all factors that disturb our internal clock. Results : morale is not good. The appeal of the comforter outweighs the rest and the motivation, too, seems to have been lost in the sheets. Moreover, this tarnished mood at the start of a new season is a phenomenon that affects 1 in 10 French people.

The whole body is invested by a tough fog. If this phase is temporary, it is nonetheless painful. So, why not bet on food supplements, a gentle alternative, to feel better? Since the Covid-19 crisis, these nutrient reservoirs have become more democratic. More than one in two French people consume it according to a Harris Interactive survey.

Still need to find a brand worthy of the name. This is where Hygea comes in. No more question of taking the train of sleep before the hour. The French brand specializing in food supplements opens the way to full fitness. With Hygée your classic morning drink takes on an unstoppable tone who won’t let you go all day. If you rather want to relax and find a quality sleepHygée also accompanies you in your evening rituals to achieve a feeling of well-being and serenity.

Take care of yourself with peace of mind

Available at powder formatin drops or capsules, these food supplements are health allies at hand. Shaped in Drôme laboratoriesthey are formulated from clean ingredients whose power is no longer to be proven.

Adaptogenic plants, superfoods rich in antioxidants, prebiotics, natural vitamins… Hygée concocts new and ingenious formulas – short and effective – in order to clear out stress, this mental monster. On average five times more dosed in active ingredients than other products on the market, Hygée food supplements are pumped up for the common well-being.

An eye on the planet

And that’s not all. Hygée also actively participates in another form of well-being, that of the environment. Most of the brand’s products are Certified Organic Farming by Ecocerta pledge of trust and quality for consumers who are increasingly looking for labels. Lactose and gluten freeHygée food supplements go in the direction of “green” progress.

Adaptogens, revitalized plants of youth

So-called adaptogenic plants have taken root in Hygea, as a matter of course. The young brand committed to peace of mind explored the full potential of these jewels of nature. Used for millennia in traditional medicines such as Ayurveda, adaptogens include plants, berries and mushrooms.

This plant family is known for increase the body’s ability to adapt to stress of multiple origins. And in our fast-paced world, it’s a necessity. Change of environment, family problems, professional pressure, romantic setbacks… the body is regularly put to the test.

In France ten million people moreover declare suffer from chronic stress. This reputation of “evil of the century” is confirmed a little more. This therapeutic path then takes shape as a universal solution to erase these anxieties which corrode existence.

At Hygée, these remedies of the earth have been carefully selected so that the effects are multiplied. Whether you need reduce your stress, boost your immune defences, take care of your complexion or reduce your feminine troublesHygée creates personalized associations that allow you to find a general comfort.

Our Hygée favorites in case of blues

Hygée is also revolutionizing the image of food supplements by making the experience more pleasant and digestible. At the antipodes of drudgery, the brand gives flavor to this health ritual. People who have always shunned dietary supplements, letting them sleep in the closet, may change their minds after this discovery full of flavors (but with the natural notes of the plants used!). Hygée blends with panache into our favorite morning and evening recipes.

Mixed with a plant-based drink, integrated into a delicious smoothie or paired with a full-bodied petit noir… in just a few strokes, the pep’s arrives on the front of the cup. For those in a hurry, Hygée also offers capsules that are consumed on the go. The skin and The Hair of Hygea are the two latest nutri-cosmetic novelties that protect, repair and hydrate from within. The body gets a makeover in the most wonderful way.

1 – Energy

This miracle powder is teeming with superfoods like Maca and Ginseng, energizing adaptogenic plants (and also aphrodisiacs!), Moringa with detoxifying properties and Acai, a antioxidant berry. With it, fatigue gives way to energy. Ideal in the event of a drop in diet, it has a positive effect on mood and boosts physical and intellectual performance.

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2 – Balance

These drops are for everyone overworked and overwhelmed by stress. No more emotional elevators that leave us upside down, mental well-being takes over. The bottle consists of Saffronthe red gold of the fields recognized for its relaxing side, Griffoniaa plant that provides serotonin and Rhodiolaanti-depressant on rods.

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3 – Stress, anxiety and vitality pack

Hygee also offers restorative packs to leave the mental pests far behind. This integral cure, composed of Serenity, Energy and Balanceis particularly recommended for people with very high levels of stress and prone to chronic fatigue.

Serenity acts on stress and improves the quality of sleep. Energy boosts physical performance and mental. The balance promotes good mood and helps fight anxiety.

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A tailor-made and rapid diagnosis

And if you don’t know which product to turn to, Hygée puts you on the right track with a free and quick questionnaire. The brand comes to your front to direct you to the product the most in tune with your current emergencies. Completed in a few clicks, this relevant diagnosis then draws up a list of our “essentials”.

In this month of the new school year, we tend to forget ourselves. But Hygée is there to remind us that mental health must come back to the fore. With its arsenal of benevolent food supplements, the valiant brand pulls us up. Spirits will emerge lighter. Let yourself be tempted by this well-being in bottles!