Depuis la rentrée, les parents d’élèves se mobilisent contre la fermeture de leur 4e classe. À plusieurs reprises, ils se sont réunis devant les salles.

Cotentin. Angry parents block school, no class for kids

Since the start of the school year, the parents of students have been mobilizing against the closure of their 4th class. On several occasions, they gathered in front of the halls. (©Archives/La Presse de la Manche)

The cold shower. The representatives of parents of students of school of Denneville (Manche), expected a lot from their interview with the academic inspector of the English Channel, Thursday, September 15, 2022.

“Nothing concrete came out of it. The problem is urgent, we have been warning about the need to reopen a fourth class for two weeks, and it seems that they are indifferent to the situation. »

parent representatives

During this start of the 2022 school year, 70 pupils crossed the gate of the Mielles school, in this delegated municipality of Port-Bail-sur-Mer. This is eight more than the previous year. “We have another registration for the month of november “, add the parents.

Despite these increasing workforce, one of the school’s four classrooms has closed. Generating a incomprehension from parents, but also elected officials. “We were clearly told, as early as the month of february, that the class was threatened but that it would not close if we had an increase in numbers, remembers Philippe Pellerin, elected official of the commune. The promise was not kept. »

Triple levels, unsuitable premises…

The anger of the parents is based on several elements. The overload of classrooms, in particular.

“There is a triple level with 27 students from CE2, CM1 and CM2 together, in 45 m2. They cannot learn under good conditions. What if you have to evacuate the room quickly? »

the parents

Among its staff, the school welcomes five Ukrainian childrenand a student in disability. “These schoolchildren have specific needs, and special support to put in place. How do teachers meet the needs of all these students? There is support for allophone students, but the person shares their time with Cherbourgit cannot be everywhere at once,” the representatives add.

Since the start of the school year, actions have followed one another in front of the school. If the blockages had been punctual or of short duration, this action raised the tension with the Academy a notch.

Access to school prevented on Monday?

This Monday, September 19, an appointment is scheduled with an educational adviser at the school. It remains to be seen whether access will be possible or not. “We are going to carry out a survey of parents and if the majority wins, we will continue our action”, underline the parents of students. The children could therefore, as was the case this Friday, be supervised in a community hall, in the presence of the teaching team and parents. The schoolyard will remain empty.

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At the end of this meeting, the Academy inspector recalled “all the attention given to this school, which has three classes with three teachers and three other adults. Support from the constituency team and resource persons from the department is in place as needed”.

She also insisted on “the importance of allowing students and the teaching team to return to school calmly and to leave time for support”. For his part, Philippe Pellerin indicates that the town hall is increasing the calls and requests for a solution to be found as soon as possible. “What we all want, elected as parents, is the return of the fourth class, for the well-being of the students. It is to them that we think above all. »

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