"Corsica cannot operate on a subsidy system alone. We must create wealth"

“Corsica cannot operate on a subsidy system alone. We must create wealth”

At the end of the first concrete meeting of the process initiated by the government last spring, the Minister of the Interior, in charge of the Corsican dossier, held a press briefing. We summarize his words for you.

“It’s not the French state that is asking for autonomy, it’s a part of the elected representatives of Corsica. I’m ready to put everything on the table, I’m waiting to have the demonstration that we should change the status of the community to be effective on such and such a policy”.

“It is not a process for nothing. Personally, I am struck by the seriousness with which everyone has set to work, despite obvious political differences, including among Corsican elected officials, who do not all want the same thing, do not all ask for autonomy.”

“I am also very interested in seeing the consensus that manages to be built on the findings. We all think the same thing about the findings, at least in the economic and social fields and on the institutional question”.

“Afterwards, it is in the solutions that there can obviously be differences. We must ensure that our differences are based as little as possible on ideology, and as political as possible on clear political choices that the Corsicans will perhaps be. be made to do it themselves”.

“We can think that next January, February, the first stage will be presented”.

Corsica is not at all a weight for the French economy, as we can sometimes hear. It’s a priori that hurts the Corsicans”

“We noted this morning, Corsica does not cost the Republic dearly. Corsica is made up of workers, in very difficult insular conditions, and I want to say that the French State is lucky to “having Corsica, which is not at all a burden for the French economy, as we can sometimes hear. It is an a priori which hurts the Corsicans, and which is not the truth”.

“We cannot operate on a subsidy system alone. What is needed is to create wealth, businesses. And businesses larger than the very small businesses that we have, overwhelmingly, in Corsica , and who find it difficult to export”.

“We must first support businesses, lower taxes for entrepreneurs, to allow them to become SMEs and export. Otherwise they will not be able to grow, and pay for the social model that the Corsicans want”.

Tax systems need to be reviewed.

“We must review the tax systems. There are eleven tax systems today in Corsica, there are some that work well, and others that work less well. They must undoubtedly be adapted. You also have to know the sectors that we want to push in Corsica. And it is not up to the Minister of the Interior to define it. So I asked what Corsican elected officials want for Corsica. Do they want organic farming, do they want to do recycling, do they want to do new technologies? And then we can imagine schools, training, tax support and subsidies, but first we have to know what the objectives are. President Simeoni has agreed, and he will send me his findings and his proposals in the coming weeks”.

“You have to see Corsica at thirty. It needs additional roads, it may need railway lines, it may need major infrastructure for water, there are a lot of questions around waste… “

“We must give energy autonomy and the food economy to Corsica. It is not normal that when we have the agricultural culture of Corsica we import almost all of its products…”

“The difficulty is that the Corsicans are in social difficulty today, that they are asking for quick answers, on the price of gasoline, on purchasing power, and we also have to work for the twenty coming years”.

We will put the means to be able to make Corsica more autonomous.

“I asked Gilles Simeoni to send me the economic project he dreams of, which he needs, which he thinks is necessary for Corsica, we will challenge him, and then we will put the fiscal means into it, budgetary, normative, to be able to make Corsica more autonomous, on many levels”.

“I know that the Corsicans are eminently Republican and French, moreover the very demand for autonomy is in the Republic. We can very well be autonomous and totally French, while sharing a certain differentiation. But the government of the Republic, and I myself, I repeat, are not in favor of autonomy on principle. I am in favor of listening to the request of a community whose majority has been re-elected twice on a clear program which was autonomy, and I am a democrat and I listen to these requests, three out of four deputies come from the nationalist, autonomist family, but I know very well that the Corsicans are eminently French”.

“There are many very Republican mayors in Corsica, who are fighting for the Republic, and I want to hear them and respect them. I spoke about this in particular yesterday with Laurent Marcangeli when I received him”.