what is this new cardio sport?

what is this new cardio sport?

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Coming from the United States and the upscale neighborhoods of New York, dynamo-cycling is becoming popular in France. And for good reason, it offers many benefits, both physically and in terms of well-being. This intense sport is complete. Accessible to all, it promises a bright future.

What is dynamo cycling?

Dynamo-cycling, in Paris and elsewhere, is practiced in rather luxurious style fitness rooms. The gym, sometimes called the “sports studio”, has around thirty indoor dynamo bikes. Indeed, dynamo-cycling is practiced mainly in community, because this cardio sport is very rhythmic.

By drawing on your physical resources, you sweat to the music, while pedaling in a joyful and motivating atmosphere. In the dynamo-cycling rooms, the music is current and punchy and the darkness reigns, in order to fully concentrate your efforts.

What are the benefits of dynamo-cycling?

A complete sport

To try dynamo-cycling is to try a unique and complete experience, because all the muscles of the body are solicited. By following the advice of a coach, it’s a sport that allows you to surpass yourself. The movements must be coordinated, which can be a bit difficult during the first dynamo-cycling lessons. Over the course of the sessions, you improve your coordination. The group effect gives you a lot of energy.

Dynamo-cycling to lose weight

Physically, this high-intensity sports activity helps to lose weight, in particular thanks to the number of calories burned during a session. This intensive sport tones the muscles, especially those of the legs and thighs. Thus, the silhouette is curved and sculpted. The abdominals are sheathed and the muscles of the arms are redrawn. Indeed, it is quite common that during the session, the coach offers to take dumbbells and do push-ups on the handlebars of the bike.

Maintain heart health

Regarding health, dynamo-cycling is a cardio sport, that is to say, it is good for the heart. It prevents cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of myocardial infarction.

Boost your well-being

Beyond the benefits of dynamo-cycling on the physical, this cardio sport also offers other benefits, especially on the mind. This physical activity is a source of well-being and zen, given the avalanche of endorphins secreted during a session. For the record, these hormones are those that trigger pleasure, fight against stress, reduce physical pain and act on anxiety.

Escape from everyday life

Dynamo-cycling is a real outlet, which allows you to let off steam. It is a moment entirely dedicated to oneself, because the darkness allows one to concentrate on one’s own efforts, without looking at others. This sport invites good humor thanks to the warm and almost festive atmosphere.

How many calories do you burn with dynamo-cycling?

When you’re dynamo-cycling, it’s really performance that’s sought after. To achieve the required efforts, you must show dynamism, because it is not a question here of taking a walk. The dynamo bike is an intensive workout that serves to melt fat. A session that lasts an average of 45 minutes burns about 650 calories. To get the most possible benefits, it is advisable to carry out at least two dynamo-cycling sessions per week.

How much does a dynamo-cycling course cost?

When he arrived in France, dynamo-cycling was basically possible in Paris. The price of a session is around 27 euros. Elsewhere it’s a little cheaper.

Also, there are packages that combine several sessions, which can save you money. If you take a card, the price is on average 18 euros per lesson.

What outfit for dynamo-cycling?

When you arrive at the fitness room, the coach gives you a specific pair of sneakers. Indeed, the latter are clipped to the pedals of the bicycles in order to be able to ensure the speed of the movements. When riding a dynamo bike, it is best to wear cycling pants and a tank top.

Candles are lit to dim the atmosphere. It also happens that it is artificial and colored lights. Once everyone is on their bike, the coach starts their playlist. The session begins immediately at a very steady pace, even if it is only a warm-up.

Then, rather targeted exercises are linked: the legs while pedaling, the glutes with the coaster pedal, the arms with dumbbells or even the abdominals.

Dynamo-cycling: what are the contraindications?

In general, to do dynamo-cycling, you must be in good health. If in doubt, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor.

This intense sport is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disorders or pathologies. It is also advisable to consult a medical professional in case of knee problems.


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