The Tonic Cuisine of Spa Eastman - NEWS - Actualit -

The Tonic Cuisine of Spa Eastman – NEWS – Actualit –

The Global Culinary Travel Awards are an initiative of the World Food Travel Association which aims to celebrate and reward excellence and innovation in food and beverage tourism. Good news, the association has just awarded the Cuisine Tonique restaurant at Spa Eastman first place in the category “Best Emphasis on Wellness & Health in Culinary Travel” (free translation: best emphasis on well-being and health in culinary journeys)” a distinction that confirms Spa Eastman’s leading position as a health destination in Canada.

Since 1977, Spa Eastman has been working to demonstrate the importance of diet on physical and psychological health. It is on the basis of scientific research that his team has chosen to integrate into his cuisine principles aimed at offering a benevolent gastronomic experience, without sacrificing taste or pleasure. Jean-Marc Enderlin is a chef and nutritherapist: “In popular culture, people tend to believe that healthy eating rhymes with sacrifice, suffering, deprivation… That it is impossible to eat healthy, and have a culinary experience extraordinary. While it is quite possible! Our Tonic Cuisine is not a regime, a diet, it is much richer and deeper than any food fashion. It is an art of cooking, an art of living, which unites astronomy and health, flavors and nutrients, energy and satiety. »

Due to the tourist vocation of the establishment, the Spa Eastman restaurant is therefore much more than a good table. It is a pragmatic demonstration that awakens its guests every day to grasp their individual power over their vitality, their longevity, their immunity by introducing the principles of Tonic Cuisine to their daily lives, a cuisine that dates back to the 1970s founded by Mrs. Jocelyna Dubuc who discovered the healing power that his diet could have on his health concerns. Over the years, she has therefore surrounded herself with experts and enthusiasts to achieve the impossible: to create a table that is as gourmet as it is nutritious and as Mark Twain said “Everyone knew it was impossible, someone came one who didn’t know it and did it. »

Since 1977, Spa Eastman’s unique offer has already earned it awards among the best in the world on many occasions by offering all-inclusive packages and retreats that give its clients a total immersion in a new art of living.

… And of course, a constantly evolving kitchen to guarantee their promise and meet the growing demand for well-being to contribute and learn a cooking art that combines gastronomy and health.


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