The 7th edition of the forum des seniors atlantique will be held in Nantes on Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November 2022

The 7th edition of the forum des seniors atlantique will be held in Nantes on Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November 2022

The unmissable event for 50 and over on the Atlantic coast who wish to calmly prepare for their 26 years of retirement! Announced reform of pensions in 2023, postponement of the start of retirement age, 4% increase in retirement pensions voted last July, convergence of care and home services, aging well at home, future Grand Age and Autonomy… many are the hot topics that concern seniors, more than 27 million French people.

The 7th edition of the seniors’ forum at the Nantes exhibition center

For three days, the 7th edition of the Forum des Seniors Atlantique, the unmissable event of the Silver Economy of the Great West, will try to answer all the questions that seniors ask themselves in terms of preparing for their retirement, pension, secure arrangement of their home, health and welfare, fun activities to develop after a whole professional life, solidarity commitment, transmission of heritage… This 7th edition will bring together more than a hundred exhibitors from different backgrounds. who will also take part in at least one of the 85 conferences and activities that will take place over these three days and which should bring together nearly 8,000 visitors!

9 themed villages

The over 50s will have the opportunity to come and get information, discuss with experts in the Silver Economy and the Silver Attitude around 9 themed Villages:

Still active? Only 47% of 55-65 year olds have a job, so many are looking to bounce back professionally and open up to other options such as starting a business or investing in a franchise.

Highly motivated to find an activity, 88% of seniors are ready to change jobs and 64% to follow a new training course. Within the Village Retraite et Emploi, they will discover ways to bounce back thanks to job dating sessions and workshops to beef up their CV or leave with the keys to a successful job interview. The Espace Emploi, in partnership with Teepy Job, will welcome companies offering vacancies and volunteer and experienced candidates. Retiring soon? 77% of seniors’ income is made up of pensions, which therefore represent one of their primary concerns. While administrative procedures are now done online, the Forum is a special time for them to come and talk directly with pension fund advisers, learn about their rights and get to grips with the computer tool.

Seniors represent a very heterogeneous population but a theme
brings them all together: that of health; moreover, 80% of them monitor it at
daily !

To anticipate their questions and their needs, the Forum des Seniors Atlantique is setting up a Health Prevention Course, built with the Gérontopôle Autonomie Longévité des Pays de la Loire and the Agirc-Arrco Prevention Center and led by specialists, which includes four highlights : plenary conferences, workshops at the Espace Conseil Santé (in partnership with Harmonie Mutuelle), physical exercises (fitness, Nordic walking, etc.) and a screening area (tension, hearing and eyesight, blood sugar, etc.). What are visitors expecting? Have qualified exchanges with the health exhibitors, find good advice, meet their mutual and discover a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as aromatherapy or self-hypnosis. The Forum also emphasizes prevention and well-being by offering thalassotherapy services and offers of sports activities to be done in the region, suitable for seniors, fun and which allow you to stay in shape!

The real estate assets of seniors are 60% higher and they save more than the average French person, in particular through investments in real estate and works of art which constitute a legacy to be passed on and additional income.

The Heritage Village aims to provide visitors with a personalized analysis of their heritage situation and provide them with reliable advice. The exhibiting companies put their network of qualified partners and their expertise at the service of visitors in individual interviews. This quality of exchange allows them to build a relationship of trust with their customers and to better understand their expectations. The Forum des Seniors Atlantique thus brings together in one place the ideal conditions for carrying out a unique quantitative and qualitative marketing analysis.

Intellectual fulfilment, a concept that is sometimes dismissed, is nevertheless one of the concerns of seniors and is largely associated with aging well.

Culture is considered an essential activity by 90% of them and allows them to nourish the time freed up by retirement with meaning. To support them in this search for new things and develop their curiosity, the Forum des Seniors Atlantique offers various offers of cultural and creative activities. The Village Tourisme et Passions makes seniors travel both figuratively and literally and also offers a selection of holiday offers in France and abroad! Being present on one of the stands means making sure to establish a long and quality dialogue with an attentive clientele, since one out of two seniors is passionate about travel, they thus represent 81% of buyers of tourist circuits and 75% of cruise passengers!

How to equip your interior to live comfortably in the long term? How to anticipate the loss of autonomy of seniors?

The Housing Village with its solutions and equipment will help visitors anticipate these questions to approach this new phase of their lives more serenely. The Maison du Bien Vivre reconstructs a show apartment with the four main rooms: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. Visitors follow a safety course led by occupational therapists who present simple and economical measures to avoid falls and secure their interior. For our seniors, senior service residences will also present their services and activities to discuss with confidence and find the best solution guaranteeing them a peaceful living environment that meets their expectations.

Home care is a more economical but also socially beneficial solution that allows seniors to remain in their usual living environment and social environment.

90% of baby boomers would also call on human services to cope with their loss of dependency and autonomy. The Village Services à domicile presents the tools (remote assistance, personal services, etc.) at the service of caregivers by hiring professionals and securing their loved ones, but also seniors to break loneliness and deal with dependency. It is also an opportunity to discover these innovative technologies and services adapted directly to the target clientele.

More than one in three seniors takes part in an association activity each week.

If they have more time available, they especially want others to benefit from their experience and pass on their knowledge. It is also for them a privileged moment of meeting and exchange which allows them to maintain social ties with other people … all generations combined! At the forum, some come to discover the different causes supported by the exhibiting associations (physical and motor disabilities, solidarity travel, local life, etc.) selected for their seriousness, and offer their human or financial help. Exhibiting therefore means getting closer to and retaining seniors, who are already particularly attentive to the voluntary sector. Others travel to find solutions and help in their daily lives or for a project (travel, move, etc.) and talk in confidence with the volunteers of the Village Association.

Digital and tech invite themselves into the daily lives of seniors

The image of the senior stuck in front of his 24-hour television has lead in the wing. It is clear that seniors are more and more connected and that the use of the internet, social networks, new technologies is no longer the domain reserved for millennials! The DIGITAL AND TECH village will allow visitors to test innovative products and services but also to find tools to stay connected and communicate with their loved ones.

6 spaces not to be missed for a successful visit to the Forum des Seniors Atlantique

His visit explains very clearly, room by room, how to avoid, by simple and inexpensive means, domestic accidents by following a playful “safety course”, led by occupational therapists. An initiative of the Forum des Seniors Atlantique, organized in partnership with Soliha and Apis PMR.

  • The Retirement and Employment Advice Center

Living well in retirement requires preparation! 6 out of 10 active seniors say they are insufficiently informed about the terms of their retirement. When to leave? What steps to take? What will my pension be? What are the conditions for resuming an activity when one is retired? On what subjects can my pension fund support me? On the program, free individual consultations with advisors from CARSAT, AGIRC-ARRCO, MSA, CNIEG and CAMIEG.
New for 2022: a Job Space will offer visitors interviews and personalized advice to visitors, as well as practical workshops to leave with leads to bounce back professionally. In partnership with Teepy Job.

  • The Health Prevention Course

Led by health professionals and designed with the Association of Agirc-Arrco Prevention Centres, its objective is to help prevent the consequences of advancing age. Visitors will be able to follow interactive health workshops, listen to conferences, participate in sports initiations, test their eyesight and hearing, and even take part in screenings (tension, diabetes, etc.). In partnership with Harmonie Mutuelle.

  • A program of more than 55 conferences, workshops and events led by experts

Conferences and workshops? A complete program of more than 65 subjects led by the best experts: the transition to retirement, housing solutions, reorganizing your assets, health prevention, internet security. Access is free and without reservation.

  • The Silver Lab for startups

Several startups selected by the Gérontopole Autonomie Longévité and the Forum des Seniors Atlantique will present their projects and have their projects tested with visitors. These innovations are aimed at reinventing the daily life of seniors and their parents, and promoting intergeneration. Visitors will be able to discover them in preview and give their opinion. Crash tests will also be offered on the first two days of the Forum, and led by the Gérontopôle teams!

Who are the visitors of Forum des Seniors Atlantique?

Some key figures on seniors in France

  • Life expectancy at age at retirement is 27 years on average in 2020 compared to 8 years in 1968.
  • The average retirement age is 62.4 years.
  • The average age at the end of working life is 58.5 years. Only 30% of seniors under 65 are active.
  • Falls are the leading cause of death among people over 65. 10,000 seniors die each year, ie 3 times more than road accidents. These accidents generate 128,000 hospitalizations per year.
  • Medication accidents, iatrogeny, are the leading cause of emergency room admissions (128,000 per year) for people over 75 years old.
  • Only 10% of people aged 80 and over are dependent.
  • Volunteering by seniors represents a value of €10 billion per year; a third of retirees are members of an association.
  • Young seniors are a pivotal generation who help their children (€30 billion per year) and support their parents. There are 8 million family caregivers in France.
  • 9 months after leaving professional life, seniors are no longer covered by company collective insurance.
  • On average, individual health insurance costs 3 times more than when you are an employee.
  • Seniors own 70% of French assets. Only 6% of retirees still have a loan to repay for their main residence