Start fall off on the right foot by focusing on your well-being

Start fall off on the right foot by focusing on your well-being

Fall is the perfect season to start fresh. Wondering how to make your routine more effective and enjoyable? let help you get there!

Whether it’s podcasts or audiobooks, the platform is full of content (more than 750,000) aimed at improving your quality of life as much as entertaining you. For example, you will find several titles focused on mental and physical well-being, personal development and the pursuit of happiness.

In addition, offers several original Canadian productions on its platform, with authors who come from across the country, and even from Quebec. It is therefore easy to discover content that will meet your needs and your reality.

Find the recipe for happiness and success


For inspiration, you could listen to the audiobook The list of comedian Jérémy Demay who risks changing the way you approach life. The author explains his own recipe for happiness, so take out your notebook to write down his best tips!

If not, do you feel that you are not exploiting your full potential enough? Miracle Morning. Treat yourself to extra life! offers a 30-day method to change your habits and bring you closer to well-being, simply by getting up earlier every morning!

Additionally, holds the amazing title Unlimited power, which discusses the effects of the techniques taught by NLP (neurolinguistic programming). This audio book will allow you to refocus and discover unsuspected powers that you already possess.

Eliminate the chaos


Another way to start the new season on the right foot? Get your life in order. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when your house is tidy? As if a clean space colors your mood!

The famous Marie Kondo has understood this for a long time and offers the audio book Tidy. The spark of happiness which contains a host of tips for making your home a spotless place where positive energy can flow freely.

The organization of the house is certainly a first step to help you structure all areas of your life, but you will also benefit from getting rid of the chaos that reigns in your head. Audiobooks like Guided meditations Where Overcome stress and worries will certainly be able to accompany you on your journey.

Take care of yourself


Who says autumn, says return to routine and good habits! On, there is no shortage of titles to motivate you to play sports or eat better. For example, the author of the audiobook The 4 pillars of good health is convinced that by changing a few small habits, you will obtain the desired results. Want to try?

If you prefer more original and less structured approaches, you’ll love Kids lessons by comedian Geneviève Gagnon. It is through 52 funny and friendly chronicles that she will help you forget your physical complexes and keep your motivation for sport.

Take a free trial with no obligation


In addition to having access to a variety of titles on personal development, you can also inform and entertain yourself on In just three easy steps you will have access to 30 days free:

1. Log into your Amazon account and start your Audible subscription.

2. Choose from over 750,000 pieces of content to start your experience.

3. Don’t forget to download the Audible app for free (on your phone, computer or tablet) to listen to all the content you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a member, you will have unlimited access to Catalog Plus. Each month, you’ll also receive credit to use on any content, including bestsellers and new releases.

To optimize your lifestyle this fall, you can count on! The platform not only has everything to entertain you, but also a host of content that will allow you to improve the different spheres of your life. To learn more about, watch the chronicle “It’s good to know” at Salut Bonjour.