Prime Minister Ndirakobuca calls on officials to lead by example in respecting the law, protecting and promoting the well-being of Burundians

Prime Minister Ndirakobuca calls on officials to lead by example in respecting the law, protecting and promoting the well-being of Burundians

During the handover and recovery at the ministry in charge of the interior, Prime Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca, former minister of the said ministry, led a moralization session for communal administrators, provincial governors, senior officers of the Corps of security as well as all the executives of this ministry.

Prime Minister Ndirakobuca said that the ministry in charge of community development has an important mission in the country. As a result, he more particularly challenged provincial governors and municipal administrators to draw inspiration from the Constitution to internalize the missions they are called upon to carry out for the benefit of the population.

Mr. Ndirakobuca reminded them of the foundations of responsible and laborious government, in particular respect for the law, protection and promotion of the well-being of the population. According to him, administrators must lead by example in respecting the law in their constituencies and ensure that everyone is doing the same.

Take into account the well-being of the population

At a time when there are some people who prefer to transmit their grievances to the highest authority, especially to the President of the Republic when it is the heads of the provinces and communes who should hear them, Mr. Ndirakobuca deplored this behavior. Because, he pointed out, this clearly shows what is not working well at the level of the administration of certain provinces or municipalities. To this end, the Prime Minister urged them to use all possible means so that the well-being of the population is guaranteed and taken into account, given that they are the representatives of the responsible and hardworking government in their administrative entities. .

With a view to promoting the interest of the population and its well-being, Mr. Ndirakobuca asked the new minister in charge of community development to work in frank collaboration with the ministry in charge of agriculture with a view to to make efforts in all actions that would benefit Burundians. This will help to overcome certain challenges in this area, namely problems related to the lack of agricultural inputs, etc.

Caring about people’s problems

According to the head of the Burundian government, the provincial and communal authorities must develop an empathetic spirit, care about the problems of the population and, subsequently, find solutions to them. This, he said, will prevent people from complaining to the point of seizing the President of the Republic. “We all have to play a role in achieving the development of our country so that future leaders can find it at another level of development,” Mr. Ndirakobuca explained. To achieve this, they must give priority to work, restore a good climate between the staff so that the step already taken always goes forward.

The Burundian Prime Minister also pointed out certain challenges on which he invited the new Minister, his collaborators and all the participants present to work seriously with a view to their eradication. He cited, among other things, the non-respect of the hierarchy and the interference in the functions, the non-transmission of reports in real time, the fact of not ensuring social security for employees in certain municipalities, and many ‘others. He called them to change, to respect hierarchical authority and to discharge their duties properly in accordance with the law. Finally, he asked the new minister never to tolerate anyone who engages in acts aimed at hampering the country’s development efforts.