Infirmière depuis 25 ans, Sophie Germain a toujours travaillé dans des services en lien avec l

Ploermel. Sophie Germain, advanced practice nurse in oncology, facilitates the patient journey

A nurse for 25 years, Sophie Germain has always worked in departments related to oncology. Training to become an advanced practice nurse was, in her view, a logical next step in her career. (© Ploërmel country information)

The world of health must face “a shortage medical staff, aging of the population and at one rise of the chronicity » pathologies. And in this regard, Valérie Jeanne, deputy director at the Ploërmel hospital, sees all the relevance of a creation of advanced practice nurse (APN) position. The Ploërmel hospital has benefited from it since last February in digestive oncologywith Sophie Germain.

Consultations and prescriptions for renewal of treatments

This particular status, in advanced practice, allows the healthcare professional to take patients in consultationwith a prescription powerfor prescription renewals and/or dosage adjustments in treatment protocols.

the job of an advanced practice nurse resides in “a mission around the patient “, allowing to streamline your journey care and health, reports Sophie Germain. This in a work in collaboration with the referring doctorhere, Doctor Fichet, from the oncology department of the Bretagne Atlantique Hospital Center.

This following “very formalized” actsvery written”, advances for her part Anne Granvallet, director of care.

This organization, with the integration of an IPA, allows “a holistic careglobal” in more therapeutic follow-up, continues the IPA of the Ploermelais hospital. Follow the pathology, but also the social, psychological aspect, support care, well-being…

An interaction complementary to that of the oncologist, which has an essential advantage: “The doctor’s job is refocused on the diagnosticits core business,” emphasizes Valérie Jeanne.

Another advantage: “it allows the practitioner to see more patients “, when, for its part, the IPA provides “intermediate care”, for example the prescription of anti-nausea treatments. A new organization which also ensures “proximity support”continues the director of the Ploermelais hospital site.

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Two additional years of study

By becoming nurse in advanced practice, Sophie Germain follows a logical line in his career. In the profession since 25 yearsshe began to practice “in 1996 in a cancer center in Caen, in hematology”. She later works “at Nantes, in palliative careduring 5 years “.

As part of the “Chirac plan” against cancer, it participates in the creation of a device for announcing serious illnessesthen arrives at the service of Ploërmel gastroenterology in 2008which will see the creation of theoncology day hospitalof which she again participates in the creation.

And once this new profession of APN had been validated, “becoming an advanced practice nurse was a logical continuation of my journey “.

A sequel that is “deserved”. After one selection stage among the candidates, the file of Sophie Germain had to be validated by the University of Rennesbefore being able to follow two years of university education. One year of common core courses, and one year of specialization, to obtain a master 2 in advanced practice, opening up to “clinical leadership, with a wider field of action “.

the Hospital group of Brocéliande Atlantiqueof which the Ploermelais hospital is a part, has, in addition to Sophie Germain in oncology, 1 IPA in cardiology, 1 in hematology, 1 other IPA in oncology, 1 in nephrology, and 1 in diabetology.

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