“I lost my holiday pounds in 4 days”

“I lost my holiday pounds in 4 days”

Lose weight by eating fat. This is the great promise of the ketogenic diet and the reason why it has more and more followers. It is based on a diet rich in lipids and involves reduce considerably the consumption of carbohydrates to cause a state of ketosis. “I couldn’t believe I could lose weight by eating fat. The first night I had smoked salmon with Comté cheese. I was like, ‘I’m never going to lose weight like this!’ “, tells us Victoria, a 26-year-old Medisite reader.

After taking more 2 kilos during summer vacationVictoria has decided to play the game of the ketogenic diet on the advice of Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist. Against all odds, the latter managed to get rid of her excess pounds in just four days. “I started to test this diet without really believing it! I am also a follower of intermittent fasting, but for some time, I had the impression that my metabolism needed to be revived. Then I was advised of follow the ketogenic diet for 15 days. The idea was not to adopt it definitively”.

Victoria has agreed to deliver the effects of the ketogenic diet to Medisite day by day.

As an indication, a plate of the ketogenic diet essentially brings together fat : oily fish, poultry, red meat, egg, butter, vegetable oil, vinegar, olive, avocado, hard cheese… It is for this reason in particular that it attracts many people. The other point of view ? Limit carbohydrates (sugar) so that the body draws on its carbohydrate reserves stored in the muscles and liver called “glycogen” reserves. Exit bread, pasta and potatoes.

If the ketogenic diet is radical in terms of weight loss, this is because the body usually gets its energy from carbohydrates consumed during the day. On a ketogenic diet, since carbohydrates are extremely limited, the body begins to draw on its stored carbohydrate reserves in the muscles and liver.

This diet is not unanimous among nutritionists. However, Raphaël Gruman believed that this diet could help Victoria. “Applying a ketogenic diet for a fortnight, i.e. completely eliminating carbohydrate intake (even complex carbohydrates, such as rice or wholemeal pasta) will help increase your metabolism and therefore burn more calories“.

Discover it testimony of Victoria and the effects described day by day.

Ketogenic diet: the effects described day by day

Day 1: “I started this diet with doubts”

“I practice intermittent fasting for 2 years. I lost about 10 kg thanks to this diet which consists of alternating phases of fasting and food intake. However, at some point, my weight kept on stagnate. So I sought advice from a nutritionist to restart my metabolism. And that’s when I was recommended the ketogenic diet. I found it hard to believe that this diet could help me and above all, I doubted that I could stick to it. Indeed, it turns out that sugar is my weak point. I find it difficult to do without starchy foods during my meals and I usually have sweet snacks in the afternoon and in the morning (chocolate, cakes, etc.).

“So it was full of doubt that I started my first day on the ketogenic diet. Just got back from a three week vacation.. I had gained 2 kg.

“I was working from home that day. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast so I bet on a hearty lunch: tuna, olive oil, grilled zucchini and cheese. At dinner, I wasn’t hungry either, so I fasted.”

Day 2: “I was hypoglycemic”

“Of the Side effects appeared on the second day. I was like in hypoglycemia. I think it had to do with having fasted the night before. Feeling weak, I bet on a square of dark chocolate. It was radical: I felt better immediately.

“I remind you that chocolate is not allowed on a ketogenic diet. However, if necessary, you can still succumb to one or two squares of dark chocolate, which contains very few carbohydrates”.

“As a midday meal, I was treated to veal in sauce, accompanied by carrots. I am lucky to have a company restaurant at my office. It guarantees us balanced meals and a wide choice. each day”.

“In the evening, I dined on smoked salmon”.

Day 3: “I listen to my body and I eat my fill”

“No hypoglycaemia that day. I think that the dinner the day before allowed me to avoid this phenomenon. However, this third evening, I was not hungry again. So I did not have dinner , because I always try to listen to my body and my hunger. I never force myself to eat.”

Day 4: “I prefer to avoid fasting during a ketogenic diet”

“I had hypoglycemia again the next day. This is where I see the difference between a ketogenic diet and a normal diet. Before, I had no discomfort the day after an evening of fasting”.

Day 5: “I had lost 2.2 kilos!”

“It was on day 5 that I weighed myself for the first time: against all odds, I had lost 2.2 kg ! I specify that my weight loss is to be taken with tweezers: even if there is no doubt for me that the ketogenic diet has largely contributed to it, we cannot forget that I changed my habits at the end of the holidays. I stopped aperitifs and snacks. According to, even without practicing the ketogenic diet, I would have inevitably lost a little weight”.

“The ketogenic diet is not complicated to follow, but I am aware that it is not a diet that I can adopt permanently. Cutting out carbohydrates involves give up a lot of foods and especially starches. This makes meals a bit redundant. Unless you buy so-called ‘low carb’ pasta (very low in carbohydrates). However, I have decided to continue with the ketogenic diet three days a week, long term. Not only is it beneficial for my line, but above all it allows me to reduce my sugar intake, which is not a bad thing. Eliminate carbohydrates for a few days, yes. Definitely not. I am not one to restrict myself from certain foods that I like. I fear that in the long term, this will generate frustrationwhich could be counterproductive.

Ketogenic diet: why do some specialists advise against it?

Before throwing yourself body and soul into this fashionable diet, it is better to consult your doctor or a nutritionist. And for good reason, in some cases, the ketogenic diet can be risky for your health. You can expose yourself to insufficiencies, even deficiencies.

People prone to bad cholesterol should abstain. The ketogenic diet involves increasing fat at the expense of carbohydrates, which can have the effect of raising cholesterol.

The diabetics must be very vigilant because of the risk of hypoglycaemia and treatment imbalance. “This is especially true for type 1 diabetes”, confirms Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist.

Finally, if you are victims ofrenal failure, be careful. “It is above all the risk of increasing the proportion of proteins which can pose a problem for patients with renal insufficiency, more than ketone bodies which do not damage the kidneys”, specifies Raphaël Gruman.