Giboire unveils 1,400 m2 of coworking space in Rennes - Rennes

Giboire unveils 1,400 m2 of coworking space in Rennes – Rennes

“The Pod is the beginning of an adventure, but also the end of another for Identity 3”, begins Michel Giboire, chairman of the board. The building is a project that aims to be exemplary in its realization. Particular attention is paid to the comfort of users and the durability of buildings, in particular by observing HEQ standards. “The Pod is the illustration of this desire to control uses,” says Olivier Biancarelli, Managing Director. “There is this conviction that coworking is a perennial, structural layer, which will partly complement and partly replace traditional work”.

In this logic, and in response to the new strategy of the Giboire group, Imagine 2027, the top floors of the building are dedicated to the coworking space. Le Pod is a subsidiary and a brand of the group, managed by Pierre Giboire. If it begins its establishment in Rennes, in this building close to the station, the ambition is “to go there frankly”. 3 other spaces are planned, including 2 which should open in Angers and Cesson-Sévigné by January 2023.

The Giboire Group is at the origin of the Le Pod project, developing large coworking spaces. (The Telegram/Elissa Abou Merhi)

Little future for small spaces

“Coworking has been growing like mushrooms for 5 to 6 years,” confirms Pierre Giboire. The general manager is already at the origin of the Rennes coworking spaces, La Newsroom. This success, he explains by a few key factors: flexibility, security, and simplicity. Companies can install employees, on short projects or over several months, overnight. The one-month advance notice ensures full flexibility. Everything is digitized, there is a fiber dedicated to the coworking space, “it is decisive for tech companies”, he assures.

With its 1,400 m2, Le Pod stands out on the Rennes coworking map. “There is little future for small spaces,” says Pierre Giboire. “You need a size effect for it to be profitable”. The key is to offer spaces that are not just office rentals: the creation of social ties must take precedence. “This is what makes coworking successful. Meet, work together, exchange. There is an incredible human and intellectual richness”.

Pierre Giboire is the general manager of the subsidiary, and brand, POD coworking of Groupe Giboire.
Pierre Giboire is the general manager of the subsidiary, and brand, POD coworking of Groupe Giboire. (The Telegram/Elissa Abou Merhi)

1,400 m2 at the best levels of the building

The concept of the Pod? Improve efficiency by offering spaces where the well-being of the worker is at the heart of the services. This involves the location of the building, as close to the metro as trains and bus lines, but also the layout. “We work better in spacious, bright offices with natural light,” explains the director of the Pod. Michel Giboire adds, “We chose the best levels so that people feel good”.

The coworking space is divided into three levels: the ground floor, which offers 400 m2 to “nomadic” users, the 8th floor, reserved for “resident” companies with offices open from €250 per month, ranging up to €490 in private, and the 9th, an event space with an 80 m2 terrace. Marketed in July, inaugurated in September, Le Pod already attracts 37 coworkers for 9 companies, i.e. a third of filling.