Atol Optician is developing a new brand for the hearing aid market: Atol Audition

Atol Optician is developing a new brand for the hearing aid market: Atol Audition

Since its beginnings in the field of optics, Atol has never stopped innovating for visual well-being. It is now towards the hearing market that the brand is launching. “Atol Audition” aims to put all the know-how and well-being into hearing. Centers dedicated to treatment have therefore been created, as well as the sale of hearing aids with the first locations in Ile-de-France and Gironde.

In a highly competitive market, Atol is launching a complementary offer that is perfectly in line with its mission to be at the service of health and well-being at all ages. The brand is thus enriching the hearing aid market with an innovative and unprecedented proposal in France.

Exclusive spaces that rely on proximity

Atol Audition offers a unique service with the opening of spaces intended solely for audiology in places with high traffic. The proximity strategy is put forward through the establishment of stores dedicated to better hearing closer to users. The first Atol Audition spaces have therefore opened their doors at Pavillons-sous-Bois (93), Sainte-Eulalie (33) and Bordeaux-Meriadeck (33). The objective is to open around forty by the end of 2022.

At the service of seeing well and well-being for all, we continue to innovate to hear it well. The market for hearing aids has been growing steadily for many years and 1 out of 2 hard of hearing people is not equipped today, ie 2 million potential customers. We had to offer them an offer adapted to their needs by placing ourselves in their consumer journey, which is why we opted for the creation of a network within shopping centers. Our goal is to open 200 Atol Audition stores by 2025

Eric Plat, Chairman and CEO of Atol

Connectivity and innovation for hearing aid democratization and inclusion

Hearing aids represent a major blow and the obsolete and disabling image of certain hearing aids constitutes a major obstacle. This is why the Atol Audition brand highlights innovation and connectivity: class 2 intra and discreet hearing aids, telephone connectivity with an application allowing personalized settings (ambient noise, language translation, etc.).

The Atol hearing range is intended to be economical and is therefore accessible to 100% health professionals, but the range can also be available to people who want a more specialized offer with optimal listening quality associated with services personalized to their needs. In addition, Atol Audition offers personalized support with audioprosthetists to treat tinnitus.

A quality product accompanied by the best service

Atol Audition created the “Audition Group” purchasing center in Beaune, Burgundy, in February 2022 in order to fully carry out its new mission. This central stores a hundred references of class 1 and 2 hearing aids as well as accessories from the Starkey and Signia brands, the leaders in the sector. In order to provide better service to associates, logistics ensures delivery on D+1.

Growth Opportunities

In order to become a leader in their area, Atol offers its partners the opportunity to open up to a rapidly growing field. Indeed, according to data from health insurance and the union of hearing aid professionals, the hearing aid market weighed 1.3 billion in turnover in 2021.

It is thanks to the 100% health reform that this explosion took place. This reform was implemented in 2020 but came into full effect in 2021, the latter should allow a large number of people to benefit from health care including hearing. The aging of the population is also one of the reasons for this growth. Indeed, in 2030, seniors will represent a third of the population and there will therefore be 7.5 million deaf people in France.

We wanted to perfect our positioning in optics before opening up to the hearing market. As a player in better living for all, it seemed natural and relevant to us to commit our know-how to “better aging” just as we have already done by launching the Atol Zen innovation. We are taking advantage of this step back to enter the market with a different proposition for consumers.

Eric Plate, Chairman and CEO of Atol