4 tips to better live your menstrual period during your studies

4 tips to better live your menstrual period during your studies

Who says painful periods, says stomach ache, fatigue, headache, nausea, back pain and all kinds of pain and discomfort. Students suffering from painful menstruation experience more or less intense episodes of discomfort several days a month.

Combining student life and the period of menstruation with painful and/or heavy periods can quickly prove to be complicated and disabling at all levels: to get to class, to walk, to stay focused, to play sports, etc. Below are some tips to make this period more manageable and a little less unpleasant.

Solutions to overcome menstrual precariousness

Menstrual precariousness is the lack of financial means to regularly obtain periodic protection. It does not only affect adults (1.7 million women are affected) and is not a myth either! It affects more than a third of female students in France and it is not getting any better with the current crisis.

To overcome this precariousness, two solutions exist. You can take advantage of the donations of sanitary protection offered by the CROUS, university residences, university restaurants and SSUs. Contact your CROUS for details on these donations.

You can also contact certain associations that organize collections and donations throughout France, such as Rules Elementary. The second option is to change your habits in terms of menstrual protection by investing in protection that lasts over time and will be much better for your health.

For example, the menstrual panties which are increasingly used. It represents a certain cost to purchase but it will quickly pay for itself over the months by its reuse. There are many brands on the internet including French-made Réjeanne. Good quality period panties don’t have the chemicals or toxic shock hazards like tampons. There are some for all flows (heavy, medium and light), in all shapes and sizes. You can sometimes even buy them by pack in order to have 2 or 3 for a more interesting price.

Some brands like Rejeanne also offer period shirts for the summer! If you do not want to buy this type of protection, other solutions exist such as the menstrual cup or washable sanitary napkins.

Food supplements for menstrual pain

For all students suffering from painful periods, there are of course medications to fight against the more or less different symptoms depending on the person. In order to avoid or reduce the taking of medication, we advise you to turn to food supplements which have many benefits.

There are indeed specialized food supplements that offer to contribute to menstrual comfort and hormonal balance. These formulas, comprising different food supplements such as magnesium, plant extracts and vitamins, have been specially designed to provide in one take, the essential elements to improve comfort before and during the menstrual cycle. Supplements to fight against menstrual discomfort must therefore act on several levels: physical pain but also mood changes linked to hormones!

In general, taking vitamins, plants and minerals can help boost the body and act directly on uterine cramps, but the intake must be regular. The pain will not evaporate after 30 minutes like after taking a doliprane!

Practicing stretching and gentle gym activities

Even if during periods of menstruation we would tend to want to curl up under the duvet, doing the opposite and getting your body moving allows you to act quickly on the pain. There are stretches and gym movements that will help reduce cramps. Some examples of stretches:

  • Lie on your back and raise your knees to your chest to release tension in the hips, back and improve the digestive system;
  • Do Child’s Pose: Get on your knees, sit on your feet, lean forward, and extend your arms far out in front. This position allows you to relax and reconnect with yourself.

Many other movements exist on the internet. See you for example on Youtube or Instagram!

Organize your work well to plan rest times

The menstrual period is often tiring, more so than the other weeks of the month. It is important for you to organize your schedule well for the week in order to limit journeys, trips and to lighten your mind.

Being a woman is not always easy, that’s for sure. It is important to listen to your body, to take rest if necessary and not to force it during periods of painful periods! The can (a little) wait, your health, much less!